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Backpacking With Children: A Week On A Remote Island

All through the spring we worked on getting the kiddos ready for our big (secret) backpacking trip of the year: a week on Flores Island. Mike and I have been there before, and since we were going to Vancouver to see my brother and his lovely fiancee get married, we decided to make a vacation

When I Grow Up

Yesterday I turned another year older, and this website celebrated it’s 5th anniversary. The (in)frequency of posting here is not a direct reflection of my desire to write, nor does it imply lack of potential content or things to say. Rather it is a reflection of how I typically do not make enough time to

Backpacking With Children: Our First Time

On May long weekend we loaded up 5 backpacks, the kids, their dad (Jason) and headed for the mountains. It was raining lightly, but we’d already booked The Point for two nights, and I was determined that all my planning and packing was NOT going to waste. So off we went, stopping for brunch on

Hiking With The Younglings In Peter Lougheed

Over Easter weekend we decided it was time to hit the trails with the kids.  We want to take them backpacking this summer, but it won’t do to just load them up and hope for the best.  So, we got out their daypacks, filled them with water and snacks, and drove down to Peter Lougheed

Under Construction

I haven’t abandon my blog again, but I HAVE recently begun a new job, which hasn’t left me with much time to do interesting things, or write. Mike started back to school at SAIT at the beginning of March, and I got a position at Modus Structures (Modus specializes in the design and build of

Oh Hai, It’s Me Again!

Right, this blog, I had sort of forgotten about it, and then 2014 was the year of “maybe next month will be better” and of course next month never was. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible, but it definitely had it’s moments. Mike worked away, which was wonderful and terrible all at the same

Dashing Through The Snow

One of the favorite traditions in our family is winter sleigh rides! My grandfather has a handful of horses left, and a couple of sleighs that he built himself. There’s nothing like the jingle of sleigh bells in the crisp air of a sunny winter day! I hadn’t driven in quite a number of years,

Calgary’s Aerospace Museum

With the cold weather sometimes making outdoor activities less enjoyable, we decided to take the kids to one of Calgary’s lesser known attractions: The Aerospace Museum.  It was more interesting and educational than expected, and the younglings greatly enjoyed themselves.

How Two Grown Men Outsmarted A Whole Lot Of Bats

One recent weekend, we trekked out to Buck Lake with the kids, to visit my mum and dad for the weekend. While we were there, we did quite a bit of fishing (I caught two!) and enjoyed an afternoon on the boat. Somehow Mike and I got roped into helping dad solve their recent bat

May Long Weekend At Sibbald Lake

For the long weekend, Mike and I took the kids out to Sibbald Lake for three days of camping.  Yes, THREE whole days, and four nights, to be exact. We had a BLAST!  There was fishing, minnow-catching, hiking, waffles, camp fires.  It was perfect.  And the weather was pretty awesome too. I think Smidgin’s expression

In Which We End Up With Not One, But TWO Corn Snakes

So, funny story. In February we brought home a baby corn snake, since Sydnie has been begging for a pet snake for MONTHS, and we finally got together all of the supplies, and acquired said slithery reptile.  Excellent. Two days after we got it home, we thought it had escaped.  I got home from work, and the

Snow Day

Recently, while Sydnie was at a birthday party, we took Lincoln out to a tobogganing hill in the city for some fun.  We all went sledding and had a rather fantastic time of it.

Camping With The Kids: Radium Hot Springs Edition – Day Three & Day Four

On our third day in camp, we got up bright and early to have breakfast, which consisted of bacon and cinnamon buns (cooked in foil over the coals from our fire). Mike and I made coffee with the MSR filter that his brother Ben gave us for Christmas. It was a beautiful, relaxing way to

Camping With The Kids: Radium Hot Springs Edition – Day One & Day Two

Yesterday afternoon we returned home after a long weekend camping excursion into British Columbia with the kiddos.  We camped near Radium Hot Springs at Lake Enid, which is about four hours drive from home. We headed out after Mike got finished work on Friday night.  The SUV was packed and we were all very excited.

Our Weekend At The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Last weekend Jay invited Mike and I to join him and the kids in Banff for a couple of days, and to spend the night at the Banff Springs Hotel. We headed for the mountains early on Saturday afternoon (after we finished up with the condo developers) and after arriving in Banff, we checked into

We Are Headed To Banff This Weekend!

My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing – Aldous Huxley I know my recent updates have been a lot of random photos and other fluff, but there is good reason for that.  Mike and I have both been rather busy with job hunting, and we are both starting new

Homemade Playdough!

I have many, many fond memories of my grandparents.  I spent a great deal of my young life at their house, generally in the company of my siblings and cousins, getting into all sorts of mischief and adventures. When the weather kept us all indoors, my grandma would find various and assorted methods of keeping