Adventure, Baby! Fullerton Loop Day Hike

We decided against camping for the May long weekend, but we still wanted to get outside and take advantage of the great forecast for Saturday. After mulling over a few options, we settled on doing Fullerton Loop, out near Bragg Creek. It’s an extremely popular trail, but we felt anything within a reasonable drive was likely to be busy regardless. It’s a quick and relatively easy 7kms, and we are still testing what sort of distances Katrin will tolerate being carried for 😬

It was a little bit cool, which in my opinion is ideal hiking weather. There was still snow on the ground, as you can see, and the trail was pretty muddy in many sections, but we didn’t mind. Proper footwear is important. We passed many others who were struggling up inclines, slipping and sliding all over in tennis shoes or worse (FLIP FLOPS of all things).

Katrin started to get antsy (and whiny) around half way, but there wasn’t anywhere to stop quite yet. Mike gave her a break from the carrier, hoping that a different point of view would placate her (it did). When we got to the first bench, we eagerly took a sandwich and snack break. Katrin was very happy to have a bit of opportunity to stretch her legs and have some cookie.

Once we had adequately snacked and had some water, we headed out for what was the nicest part of the hike. We had it on good advice to do the loop counter-clockwise and I’m so glad we did! The higher up, more sun exposed half of the loop was beautiful. We saw some mule deer down a cut line, and enjoyed gorgeous views where the trees opened up and we could see the valley below.

When we eventually got back to the parking lot, we had a tailgate picnic and Katrin had a chance to scoot around in the box of the truck. She needs a lot of active time after longer periods of not getting to scoot around, otherwise I knew she would fuss on the way home. She’s so energetic, and really has to burn off some of it off before she’s content to sit again.

There were some horses in the parking lot as well and she was fascinated with them!

It was a really great day! The rest of the weekend was rainy, so I’m glad we went out when it was nice 😊

We have our first camping trip of the season coming up in just a few days! We are headed to Gull Lake to camp by the beach in Brewer’s Campground. Really excited to get everything packed up and get out in our tent again.

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  1. Hey that was awesome Cal as usual great photos and great story, thanks for sharing the trip with us, so glad u started blogs again because i was getting tired of reading the old ones also had to laugh at your flip flop comment

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