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In Which I Remember That I Have This Website

I know, I have been slacking in the updates department. Primarily most of my time has been eaten up by a couple of major projects that I am working on (in partnership with my fantastic comrades) and while I can’t talk about what they are, yet, they are very exciting and time consuming right now.

The Summer That We Didn’t Go Backpacking

It all began on June 6th, when I wandered over to my house on my lunch break, as per usual, only to find that Mike had pillaged the leftovers for his own lunch. “You didn’t leave me any potatoes!” I texted him, while rooting about for alternative options. “I’m in an ambulance!” came the reply.

The Struggle To Return To Blogging, After Being Gone A Long Time

Website woes, let me show them to you. First, if you don’t have an internet connection at home, it’s a huge pain to try and update anything.  We only recently (as in within the last few weeks) got our OWN internet out here in the country.  We decided to try Xplornet.  So far, so good.

When The City Mice Moved To The Country

Well, we have moved, sort of, which is why I haven’t posted anything lately, due to the lack of time, and frankly, the lack of internets out here.  Neither of those things are really going to resolve themselves anytime soon, but at least I can borrow a bit of signal from my bosses house, so

Our New Two-Horse Herd!

Early last week Mike and I were very excited to finally have two horses delivered to the farm, courtesy of my wonderful Grandfather, along with my Mum and Dad. This pair will be living in our care for the foreseeable future. The bay (reddish brown) and white one is called Little Lucky, and the darker

Here Are Some Pictures Of Cats

I don’t really have the time or the drive to write anything really fantastic, so here are some photos of the barn cats that live it my work. This is Matiné. She’s named after the famous dressage horse, Blue Hors Matiné. This is not a very good photo of Nikki, but she’s a bit elusive

Nicodemus, The Baby Ball Python

Over the summer, we suffered the loss of one of our beloved pets. Snakey McNinja had really lived up to her name, and had somehow escaped from her tank, only to be maimed and killed by our cat, Tribble. Mike found her on the carpet by her tank in the morning. It was already far

Photo Post: Fishing At Running Rain Lake

Photos from July 2011

May Long Weekend At Sibbald Lake

For the long weekend, Mike and I took the kids out to Sibbald Lake for three days of camping.  Yes, THREE whole days, and four nights, to be exact. We had a BLAST!  There was fishing, minnow-catching, hiking, waffles, camp fires.  It was perfect.  And the weather was pretty awesome too. I think Smidgin’s expression

All Your Boxes Are Belonging To Me

In Which We End Up With Not One, But TWO Corn Snakes

So, funny story. In February we brought home a baby corn snake, since Sydnie has been begging for a pet snake for MONTHS, and we finally got together all of the supplies, and acquired said slithery reptile.  Excellent. Two days after we got it home, we thought it had escaped.  I got home from work, and the

Random Camping At Running Rain Lake – Day Three

Sunday was another gorgeous day, starting with sunshine and blue sky first thing in the morning. We all got up and made coffee and oatmeal again for breakfast. We pulled the tents apart to dry them from the rain that fell overnight. Then there was time for taking more photos and getting our gear rounded

Random Camping At Running Rain Lake – Day One & Day Two

Over the weekend, we were fortunate enough to be able to take Dan and Kerri on their first backpacking trip (which coincidentally ended up being our first random camping excursion as well).  After a not unsubstantial amount of discussion and indecision, we settled on Running Rain Lake, which falls inside of one of the Wildland

The Fur Crew At Get Outside

Our cats came home today!!! This is our cat: Tribble This is Dan & Kerri’s cat: Chloe (who will perhaps be re-named) And of course, I can’t exclude Smidgin He might not have fur, but Mumm-Ra is part of the family too

Adventures In British Columbia: Wildhorse River & Yoho National Park

While I am normally a planner extraordinaire, Micheal is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy. This makes going on trips together…interesting, if not an extreme exercise in frustration for both of us. And so it was that we recently ended up on the road, with no real plan, but enough gear to spend several

On Adopting A Pit Bull

As I’ve alluded to, our little motley crew has recently been joined by a four-legged cohort: Smidgin, the pit bull. Smidgin is two years old, and arrived from LA (indeed, I do mean Los Angeles) in June, via Prairie Pit Bull Rescue.  She was a stray (or as Mike calls her, a “California Street Dog”)

Sleepy Pit Bull Is Sleepy

A Pit Bull Called Smidgin

  Details to come, but for now, can you say cute?

Why Moving Makes Me Crazy

Mr. Michael and I are gearing up for another move, which will hopefully be our last for quite a while. Danny and Kerri (Mike’s brother and sister-in-law respectively) are moving in with us, so we are all renting a bigger place together for the next year while the condo is being built.  After that, who


  Our new betta, whom I have decided to call Mumm-Ra (from one of my favorite childhood cartoons, the Thundercats.) I’ve always had a fondness for bettas, and this is probably around the 20th one I’ve owned.  Shame they only live about 18 months. I will try to snap a better photo with a real