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  1. Thought I read all the blogs but i missed this one, that looks like such a great time, you guys have away to much fun, the fishing looks like it was excellent and looking at them in the frying pan made me hungry
    Exactly where is that lake anyway

  2. Is it really necessary to catch and eat a whole bunch ? It is a self sustaining population and not a stocked lake. Did you bother to read the regulations before your series of shore lunches ?

    1. We certainly did. You do realize this post is from 2012? Perhaps it is no longer stocked, but back then it absolutely was. I even took the time to go back and check the fish stocking logs of Alberta Fish & Game, and Running Rain was stocked with 300 trout that year. Also we did not catch over the limit (2 trout per person per day) and everyone held a valid fishing license. There is even a sign posted by the lake detailing the fishing regulations and asking people to self report their catches, which we always did. Haven’t fished back there in many years now, not sure if the regulations have changed, but if they have we would of course respect them. Thank you for your comment (however snide it might have been on a post that’s almost a decade old…)

      1. Well if you check reports now you will find that no catchs anything or even sees fish. The lake does have a self sustaining population I know I worked with the biologists that develop the regulations that are in place.

      2. I just don’t think that this is a socially responsible post. Other people think well yeah let’s go up there and have a fish fry. If everyone kept their limit the lakes and streams would soon be empty. P

        1. …The post is a decade old my dude. I think you need better hobbies. We didn’t break any regulations, we don’t even fish anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️ so you are really hounding the wrong people. I’m not taking down a post of my own personal memories to satisfy some Internet random.

  3. Ah whatever too many people too few resources out there now, but you won’t ever get the message

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