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Sponsored Post: Luxury Cruises At A Snip

When it comes to finding a luxury cruise, the world really is your oyster. Will you opt for a lavish jaunt around the beautiful Norwegian Fjords, taking in the stunning sights of the Northern Lights? Or perhaps the chance to book Caribbean cruises tickles your fancy, where you can enjoy the desert island style splendor of the

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Seven & Eight

Friday was primarily a day at sea, with a brief evening stop in Victoria.  During the day Michael and I managed to find a vacant hot tub to hang out in. It was quiet and we talked a lot about how great the trip had been. There was also an ice sculpture demo happening on

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Six

Thursday morning we woke up bright and early, and found ourselves already docked in Ketchikan. We had a duck tour booked first thing, so after eating a quick breakfast, off we went. The duck tour was a land and water tour of the town and the bay. We rode around in an amphibious bus and

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Five

** I know I am woefully behind here, but I have been devoting much of my time to other projects, which I can tell you about, but only after I get the rest of the Alaska trip out of the way, so bear with me ** Wednesday was our second Day At Sea, during which

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Four

Tuesday found us docking in Skagway, which was essentially founded during the time of the gold rush, when prospectors from countries across the world arrived there, and struck out for the Yukon and the promise of easy money. Skagway is a quaint little place. During it’s wilder days, Skagway was home to well over a

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Two

Saturday was our first day at sea (meaning there were no stops in port). Mike and I woke up shortly before our breakfast arrived at our room. We had coffee, orange juice, some pastries, and breakfast sandwhiches. It was nice not having anywhere to be or any rush in the morning. We showered and got

Alaska: North To The Future – Day One

I am FINALLY getting around to writing about our Alaska trip (I know, it’s overdue). So the four of us left Calgary on Friday around noon and headed southwest, towards B.C. and eventually the border.  It was a long old slog, but we drove through Crowsnest Pass (always scenic) and stopped in Sparwood to visit

Alaska: Land Of The Midnight Sun

I know it’s been quiet around here (pesky obligations such as work and sleep have prevented much writing). We have a few more adventures under our belts, which will eventually get posted, but in a few short hours the four of us will be on our way towards Seattle, where we are catching a cruise