Hiking With The Younglings In Peter Lougheed

Over Easter weekend we decided it was time to hit the trails with the kids.  We want to take them backpacking this summer, but it won’t do to just load them up and hope for the best.  So, we got out their daypacks, filled them with water and snacks, and drove down to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park to see how they managed the trek to the backcountry camping area (4.2 kms each way).

The weather was kind of chilly, but the trail was mostly snow-free, which is surprising for this time of year.  We’ve had an extremely snow-free winter, particularly since Christmas, which is good for us (camping season can start very early) but bad for the farmers (drought conditions).

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The kids did brilliantly! They managed almost 7.5 kms with not a single complaint, and I was so proud of them.  We had such a wonderful day.  The four of us hiked out to The Point, which is the backcountry camping area we hope to take them to this summer, and then stopped for lunch.  Everyone snacked and rested, although it was still too chilly to linger for long.  Then it was back on the trail.  There are two routes to choose from, so we took the low trail on the way to The Point, and then the high trail on the way back, so we had different scenery.  I was so impressed with how eager the kids were to go hiking, and how much they enjoyed it.  Definitely makes me feel more confident about taking them backpacking this summer (which is good, because we have a big and exciting trip in the works, which is still a secret).

We plan to take them out on a few more day hikes and then an overnight to The Point once the snow finishes melting.  It’s looking to be a really great summer for getting outside!

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