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Camping With The Kids: Radium Hot Springs Edition – Day One & Day Two

Yesterday afternoon we returned home after a long weekend camping excursion into British Columbia with the kiddos.  We camped near Radium Hot Springs at Lake Enid, which is about four hours drive from home. We headed out after Mike got finished work on Friday night.  The SUV was packed and we were all very excited.

New Gear: Marmot Limelight 3 Tent

Every year in April one of our favorite stores, Camper’s Village, runs an amazing tent and gear sale.  Mike and I had been planning and waiting for months, and when the announcement finally plunked into my e-mail, there were many delighted girlish squeals of glee (mostly from Mike). We’ve been debating the purchase of a second tent

New Gear: MEC Hybrid Sleeping Bags

One of our Christmas gifts was a pair of hybrid mummy sleeping bags from Mountain Equipment Co-op (thank you Bill & Ruth!) which are rated to -12°C. They should work perfectly under normal camping conditions. If we are preparing for colder weather, there are bag liners and overbags that will increase the temperature rating. These hybrid bags combine

Link: Tell A Great Ghost Story

Who doesn’t love a scary story around the campfire? Well, truth be told, I don’t. However, in the spirit of the season, check out this article on how to tell a great story and scare the snot out of your fellow campers. Tell A Great Ghost Story: How To Scare People And Win Friends Happy

Photo Post: Bon Echo Park, Ontario – Set Two

Photos from July 2010 Click to view full-size

Photo Post: Bon Echo Park, Ontario – Set One

Photos from July 2010 Click to view full-size

How To Make Your Own Firestarters

You can purchase a variety of products designed to assist you in starting a fire (Esbit, Fatwood, EZ Fire, and so forth) while camping or backpacking.  However, being something of a Do-It-Yourself kinda girl, I like to make my own. The credit for this idea goes to the lovely crew of backpackers we met during

Photo Post: Killbear Park, Ontario – Set Three

Photos from June 2010 Click to view full-size

Photo Post: Killbear Park, Ontario – Set Two

Photos from June 2010 Click to view full-size

Photo Post: Killbear Park, Ontario – Set One

Photos from June 2010 Click to view full-size

New Gear: Evernew Titanium Cookware

This morning I decided to order the Evernew Titanium Non-Stick DX3 cooking set.  The set is made up of a titanium pot and frying pan, the pan doubling as a lid for the pot.  The non-stick coating is made from silicone and ceramic, not teflon, which is a feature I am really excited about. This

Gear Review: The North Face Double Headed Toad 44

Vital Statistics: Gear Type – Tent Person – 4 Season – 3 Trail Weight – About 8 lb Floor – 54 square ft Vestibule – 31 square ft Additional Specs – The North Face Review: We purchased our Double Headed Toad 44 (now known simply as The Toad) from Camper’s Village in June of 2010.

Lake Luellen: Day Three – August 2010

Sunday morning was blessedly warmer than Saturday morning had been, and when we hauled ourselves out of our sleeping bags at 7:30 am there wasn’t any frost on the ground, in spite of the somewhat heavy rains that had gone on through the night.  We’d had the good sense to keep our boots inside the tent on

Lake Luellen: Day One – August 2010

So our long-awaited and much-anticipated first-ever overnight hiking trip went off wonderfully. It was just Mike and I, and 36 km of heavily wooded trail. Oh, and a grizzly bear. We pulled into the trailhead parking lot after purchasing our wilderness passes in Banff, and having a delicious dinner at Earl’s. A wilderness pass is