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When The City Mice Moved To The Country

Well, we have moved, sort of, which is why I haven’t posted anything lately, due to the lack of time, and frankly, the lack of internets out here.  Neither of those things are really going to resolve themselves anytime soon, but at least I can borrow a bit of signal from my bosses house, so

Dashing Through The Snow

One of the favorite traditions in our family is winter sleigh rides! My grandfather has a handful of horses left, and a couple of sleighs that he built himself. There’s nothing like the jingle of sleigh bells in the crisp air of a sunny winter day! I hadn’t driven in quite a number of years,

Backpacking Flores Island: Video Post

270. Do at least one vlog post (video blog)

1000 Things To Do Before You Die – #17, #25, & #38

Some of you are familiar with my Life List, but if you aren’t, I encourage you to take a peek.  Basically, it’s a growing list of items I would like to accomplish before I die. Quite a few of the things on the list have been covered here in previous blog posts, but there are

Dragons, And Goblins, and Kobalds, Oh My!

It’s summer time, and LARP is still in full-swing!  Oddly enough, we’ve appeared in a few photos as of late, and so I wanted to share some of them with you. Here’s Mike, and the Order of the Golden Dawn (my character isn’t a member, yet, for religious reasons) Yay for morning coffee. Goblins loooooove

Snow Day

Recently, while Sydnie was at a birthday party, we took Lincoln out to a tobogganing hill in the city for some fun.  We all went sledding and had a rather fantastic time of it.

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Five

** I know I am woefully behind here, but I have been devoting much of my time to other projects, which I can tell you about, but only after I get the rest of the Alaska trip out of the way, so bear with me ** Wednesday was our second Day At Sea, during which

Alaska: North To The Future – Day Three

On Monday morning we woke up early, as our ship was making its way into Juneau, which was our first port. We dressed and headed upstairs for breakfast, followed by taking some photos from the deck of the ship. The air was chilly but not too cold, and the view was beautiful.

Adventures In British Columbia: Wildhorse River & Yoho National Park

While I am normally a planner extraordinaire, Micheal is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy. This makes going on trips together…interesting, if not an extreme exercise in frustration for both of us. And so it was that we recently ended up on the road, with no real plan, but enough gear to spend several

Backpacking In Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

One weekend, not so long ago, Mike and I found ourselves with time to spare and no solid plans (a rarity to be sure) and so we took a spur-of-the-moment backpacking excursion to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  There are several backcountry destinations to chose from, but being that we only had a regular weekend, we

Camping With The Kids: Radium Hot Springs Edition – Day Three & Day Four

On our third day in camp, we got up bright and early to have breakfast, which consisted of bacon and cinnamon buns (cooked in foil over the coals from our fire). Mike and I made coffee with the MSR filter that his brother Ben gave us for Christmas. It was a beautiful, relaxing way to

Video: How To Bake Cake… In An Orange!