Welcome To 2012!

It’s been quite a year. In some ways, it was a very long year, even though it seems that time passes more quickly every day. I can’t say that I am sorry to see 2011 behind us. Yes, there are a lot of wonderful memories, and we had some amazing experiences, including crossing quite a number of things off of my list.  However, there we also a number of low points which I am just as glad are well behind us now.  The stress of the Christmas season has passed, and I am looking forward to a hopefully peaceful start to the new year.

I am terribly behind in my writing, however a new job and a landslide of other projects are taking priority just now.  I am hoping to catch up and share the rest of our beautiful photos and some of our more interesting adventures with you very soon in 2012.  Until then, I hope that all of you had a wonderful New Years!

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Mike & Cal have been backpacking around Alberta for the past decade. This site is where they share trip reports, photos, and tips and tricks for getting outside.

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