Life List

I consider this my life-long “To Do” list.  I frequently add to it, and cross things off when I can.  Eventually it will be 1,000 items long.

– Cal

1. Visit ALL of the states in America

2. Visit the Toronto Zoo

3. Hold a spider (of the non-poisonous variety)

4. Teach a workshop

5. Reach my goal size

6. Do 5 chin ups

7. Run a 5K marathon

8. Plant a garden

9. Take photography classes

10. Volunteer for a good cause

11. Fire walk

12. Complete a multi-day thru-hike

13. Learn a second language

14. See New York City

15. Backpack across Australia


17. Play the slots in Las Vegas

18. Learn glass blowing


20. Travel to the Arctic

21. Write a book

22. Go snowshoeing

23. Learn to roller blade

24. Take belly-dancing lessons

25. Feed a giraffe

26. Hike The Appalachian Trail

27. Ride a camel

28. See the pyramids

29. Learn to kayak

30. Go whale watching

31. Take my kids horseback riding

32. Go white-water rafting

33. Visit Norway

34. Scuba dive

35. Coach at Choices

36. Try deep-sea fishing

37. Go to Disneyland

38. See the water show at the Bellagio

39. Ride on an actual train

40. Send a message in a bottle

41. Take tango lessons

42. Learn to play a musical instrument well

43. Ride in a hot-air balloon

44. Drink a yard-long margarita


46. Camp in a tent by myself for (at least) 1 night

47. Eat something really bizarre

48. Pilot an aircraft

49. Get my motorcycle licence

50. Eat fried green tomatoes

51. See the Great Wall of China

52. See a polar bear in the wild

53. Sell my art to a stranger

54. Drive a Dodge Viper

55. Touch an iceberg

56. Visit a monastery

57. Eat bread and cheese in Paris

58. Visit Stonehenge

59. Walk through the Historic District of Quebec City

60. Visit Prince Edward Island

61. See the Moai of Easter Island


63. Write my will

64. See Stomp perform live

65. Try surfing

66. Ride an elephant

67. Donate blood

68. Attend a Gay Pride Parade

69. Taste Foie Gras

70. Go to Vegas

71. Donate bone marrow

72. Learn to play the harmonica

73. Go to a Drive-In movie theatre

74. Visit Thailand

75. See Cirque Du Soleil live

76. Have a food fight

77. Buy a sport bike

78. Go heli-skiing

79. Steal someone’s lawn gnome or animal trinket and take it on vacation with me. Complete with it’s own website and lots of photos of it doing tourist stuff

80. Play paintball

81. Go to a spa for a massage

82. Take my mother on a trip back to Singapore, just the two of us

83. Sleep in a hammock for a night

84. Try welding

85. Ride in a limousine

86. Try indoor skydiving

87. Buy fresh produce at a farmers market

88. See the Grand Canyon

89. Spend a day in Bangkok

90. Visit the Parliament Building in Ottawa

91. Tour The Louvre

92. Take a road trip across Canada with friends

93. Enter Boston’s Tough Guy Competition

94. Visit a wax museum

95. Save up and buy a really good digital camera

96. Watch leatherback sea turtle babies hatching and then heading for the sea

97. Meet someone with my first name (not an easy task since it’s a rare name)

98. Play poker at a casino

99. Order a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne

100. Buy an old character home and completely renovate it

101. Drive the autobahn

102. Go up to the observation deck of the CN Tower

103. Make my Great-Grandmother’s fudge recipe

104. Grow my own vegetables


106. Buy a bicycle

107. Learn how to change the oil in my vehicle

108. Live near an ocean

109. Bake homemade bread

110. Finish my kids First Year scrapbooks

111. Learn to snowboard

112. Sell my pottery

113. Take my kids to a water park

114. Ski the Alps

115. Take a wine tour

116. Eat at the revolving restaurant in the Calgary Tower

117. Go to the Niagara Ice Wine Festival

118. Camp in the winter


120. Donate my hair to Locks Of Love

121. Walk through ByWard Market in Ottawa

122. Make food for the homeless

123. Go sailing

124. Become totally debt-free

125. Tour the National Arts Center

126. Get a passport

127. Visit the Vatican

128. Learn American Sign Language

129. Summit a mountain

130. See The Rideau Canal Waterway


132. Take a ride in a Gondola in Venice

133. See the salmon run

134. Experience Canada Day in our nation’s capital

135. Visit Quebec

136. Ride a dog sled

137. Compete in the Eco Challenge

138. Visit New Brunswick

139. Spend at least a weekend in Tofino camping with friends

140. Successfully grown a plant from a seed that came from a fruit that I have eaten (like a lemon or mango)

141. Visit Newfoundland and Labrador


143. Hike up the side of a volcano

144. Go snowmobiling in the mountains

145. Visit Nova Scotia

146. Change a tire

147. Go to a bee farm, eat honey directly from the hive

148. Visit the Yukon

149. Touch a glacier

150. Visit the Northwest Territory



153. Visit the Nunavut Territory



156. Tour the Museum Of Civilization


158. Spend a night at the Banff Springs Hotel

159. Get a manicure

160. Learn how to make paper

161. Teach my kids to downhill ski

162. Eat at Susur

163. Make soap from scratch

164. Go for a hot stone massage

165. Eat at a restaurant owned by a celebrity chef

166. Make my own candles

167. Sleep under the stars

168. Tour a brewery

169. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Parliament Hill

170. Have dinner at The Rainbow Room in New York City

171. Ride a double-decker tour bus

172. Go to Caribana in Toronto

173. Eat cheesecake in New York city

174. Publish a children’s book

175. Collect sea shells on the beach

176. Have poutine in Montreal

177. Live on a different continent for at least a year


179. Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square

180. Host a fancy cocktail party

181. See the light show on Freemont St.


183. See James Blunt in concert

184. Start a club or organization

185. Take Mike to Radium Hot Springs

186. Drive a sea-doo

187. Bungee jump

188. Make Christmas dinner all by myself

189. Learn to play chess

190. Tour Auschwitz

191. See the salt flats

192. Walk through the Bone Chapel

193. Go to the Kentucky Derby

194. Go on a trip alone

195. Swim with dolphins

196. Send a postcard to PostSecret


198. Throw someone a big surprise party

199. Create a big piece of art for my home

200. Lay in a field at night and look at the stars (either alone or in good company)

201. LARP

202. Go to a Taste Of [Insert City Name Here] event

203. Take an afternoon tea with friends at a little tea shop (large hats and broaches are required attire)

204. Be part of a flash mob

205. Stand on the equator

206. Take my kids to the jungle (I promised my son that I would)

207. Spend Chirstmas Day on the beach

208. Participate in a sweat lodge ritual

209. Complete the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl in London

210. Try riding a unicycle

211. Visit the World’s Largest Pysanka

212. Ride a wooden roller coaster

213. Learn to make glass beads


215. Photograph zebras in Africa

216. Visit John Wayne’s grave site

217. Climb the Mayan Ruins

218. Dive for pearls in the Persian Gulf

219. Ride a zip line

220. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

221. Hike the Huashan Trail

222. See the Blue Man Group perform live

223. Take a helicopter tour

224. Get a pedicure

225. Walk on stilts

226. Visit the Viking landing place in Newfoundland

227. Boil eggs in the natural hot springs of Mt. Fiji

228. Learn tribal drumming

229. Have my fortune told

230. Try archery

231. Ride a mechanical bull

232. Eat vegan for a month



235. Experience life in a third world country

236. Visit the SPAM museum in Minnesota

237. Go to Burning Man

238. Build my very own website

239. Eat according to the 100 Mile Diet for at least a month


241. Go two weeks without using a computer

242. Give $100 to someone in need

243. Spend a night in the Ice Hotel in Sweden

244. Float in the Dead Sea

245. Slow dance under the stars


247. Learn to play Sudoku

248. Visit Canada’s Wonderland

249. Attend part of Pride Festival in Toronto

250. See the Chinese Lantern Festival in Toronto


252. Visit the Tiger Temple in Thailand

253. Learn Poi

254. Go to a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

255. Visit the BioDome in Montreal

256. Solve a Rubik’s Cube

257. Eat a bug


259. Learn to juggle

260. Collect a jar of star sand


262. Be part of a Polar Bear Dip

263. See a show at The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Center, the last double-decker theatre in the world

267. Rollerblade, walk, or bike the Toronto Waterfront Trail

268. Swim from Alcatraz to the main land

269. Make a podcast

270. Do at least one vlog post (video blog)


272. Pan for gold


274. Weave fabric on a loom

275. Give up fast food for 6 months

276. Make a wedding cake for someone

277. Ride a segway

278. Vote in an election

279. Send a message via carrier pigeon

280. See a ballet performance

281. Make a ‘sand angel’ in the Sahara Desert

282. Participate in a triathlon

283. See the World’s Largest Penguin

284. Bet on a horse race

285. Visit the Elora Gorge

286. Send someone flowers or a gift anonymously

287. Go to the Opera

288. Go to St. Jacob’s Farmers Market

289. Learn to hula dance

290. Make cheese from scratch

291. Visit a science center

292. Ride a horse on the beach

293. Take a photo of Chicago from the Skydeck of the Sears Tower


295. Make jam from scratch

296. Hike The Pacific Crest Trail

297. Make dill pickles

298. Visit Kalamazoo

299. Stay in the best suite at a five-star hotel

300. Drive a convertible

301. Take my kids to a Rainforest Cafe

302. Ride in a helicopter

303. Walk through a corn maze


305. Organize a huge scavenger hunt (for adults)

306. Make pirogi from scratch

307. Chew on fresh sugar cane

308. See a Broadway musical

309. Throw a big housewarming party

310. Have every single box in my house unpacked (seasonal decorations aside)

311. Try raw oysters

312. Go rock climbing

313. Go to a dinner theater

314. Canoe down part of the Amazon River

315. Take Mike horseback riding

316. Go to a Hamilton Tiger-Cats game in Hamilton

317. Make caramel apples

318. Go trail riding on horseback through the mountains at least one more time

319. Stand under a waterfall

320. Start and grow a bonsai tree ‘from scratch’ (meaning do not buy it already potted)

321. See Niagara Falls from on board the Maid Of The Mist

322. Make popcorn balls

323. Walk through a real castle

324. Visit the Wings Of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory

325. Make beef jerky from scratch

326. Spend a week on the street, living as a homeless person

327. Drive a Smart car


329. ‘Live off the land’ in the wilderness for a weekend

330. Visit the Lotus Temple


332. Dive off of a cliff

333. Take a photo of a turtle crossing sign

334. Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario

335. Go to Legoland in Denmark

336. See the Tian Tan Buddhain Hong Kong

337. Visit the Colosseum in Rome

338. Watch a bull fight

339. Stand on Hoover Dam

340. Visit the Bombay Sapphire (Gin) Distillery in England

341. Bench press my own weight

342. Make my own bath bombs from scratch

343. Slide down the pole at a fire hall

344. Keep a tadpole until it turns into a frog

345. Celebrate Holi Festival in India

346. Collect a vial of water from the Nile River

347. Be some body’s Maid Of Honor

348. Have buffalo chicken wings at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, where they were invented

349. Have henna done

350. Make prison hooch in a garbage bag

351. Dip my toes in each of The Great Lakes

352. Go to the Valley Zoo in Edmonton

353. Join a roller derby team

354. Spend a night in an igloo that I built with friends

355. Have a Tubby Dog

356. Climb the stairs at the Eiffel tower


358. Stay overnight at a Bed and Breakfast

359. Go to the Toronto Film Festival


361. Walk on the beach under the moonlight with someone I love

362. Foster animals who are waiting to be adopted


364. Go bobsledding

365. Ride The Mindbender at West Edmonton Mall

366. Go to a monster truck rally or demolition derby

367. Tour Alaska

368. Go ice skating at Rockafeller Center

369. Taste ostrich meat

370. Buy a bottle of $100+ wine

371. Collect a set of coins that were minted in the year I was born

372. Build a bat house

373. Learn to skateboard

374. Visit the Elephanta Caves

375. Ride on the back of a motorcycle through the country

376. Take a cooking class with a friend

377. Take a pee in the robot potty in Calgary



380. Smoke a cigar


382. Make a scrapbook for someone as a gift

383. Go to the Just For Laughs Festival

384. Play a round of golf with Mike

385. Try uni (sea urchin roe)

386. Touch a stingray

387. Make donuts from scratch

388. Take my kids mini golfing

389. Go off-roading/4x4ing

390. Eat butter chicken and naan bread in India

391. Throw a tailgate party

392. See the Body Worlds exhibit

393. Take a spinning class

394. Make my grandma’s homemade playdough with my kids

395. Drink sake

396. Go back to school


398. Make bannok

399. Take a cruise

400. Dive The Great Barrier Reef

401. Photograph penguins in the wild

402. Make Vietnamese coffee

403. Swim with sharks

404. Spend the night some place haunted

405. Have a smoked meat sandwich in Montreal

406. Watch the RCMP Musical Ride

407. Eat sushi in Japan

408. Start a fire using only sticks and kindling

409. Dye my hair blue

410. Make pysanky

411. Try hookah

412. Tour the Smithsonian

413. Learn to water-ski

414. Go spelunking

415. Rappel down a cliff

416. Hike The Continental Divide Trail

417. Help build a Habitat For Humanity house

418. Learn to paint with watercolors

419. Lick the Giant Lobster

420. Noodle a catfish

421. Spend a night at an undersea hotel

422. Eat Chicago deep dish pizza in Chicago

423. Get a photo by the Cloud Gate/Giant Bean

424. Close my eyes, throw a dart at a world map, and then travel to where the dart lands

425. See The Door To Hell in Russia

426. Learn to play tennis

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