Filling In The Gaps

Since it’s likely to be a while before spring actually arrives, I’ve decided to go back and finish a bunch of posts that I started, or meant to publish but didn’t. Mostly different adventures we went on during the years that I didn’t write anything here. They will be posted in chronological order, but I might not *publish* them in order. So, I might share details and photos of our 2019 trip to the Maritimes before I get around to our 2017 trip to the Yukon.

This will be a good exercise for me to get back into the habit of writing. Sometimes it can be a struggle to sit down and do it, but I never regret making the effort once I get an update done.

I may also branch out a little bit, and write about a few other things that aren’t necessarily about “getting outside” but could be adjacent topics. That’s kind of the difficulty with blogs about a specific topic. One tends to pigeonhole themselves and then it makes writing sometimes even more of a challenge if they don’t have anything new to say about that topic.

Also, I put some stuff in my dehydrator today, so I will have posts about dehydrating food coming up I am sure. I’m beginning to make some plans for updating our backpacking packing list and I will share the changes we have made as Katrin will be older this year, and far more mobile, so that will be new and fun in the wilderness.

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