Summer Vacation In Ontario

The heavy snowfall we’ve had recently has me longing for the lazy days of summer.  I was browsing photos from the warmer months, and realized I hadn’t gotten ’round to writing about the wonderful trip we took to Ontario this summer!  I even got to accomplish a couple of list things, thanks to Mike’s really fantastic family.

We arrived in Toronto very late at night, which was rude of us, but flights were cheaper and it meant that we could get in a day earlier.

Waiting For Our Bags

Highlights of our week-long vacation included having mojitos and swimming in Mike’s parents pool!

Hanging By The Pool


Mike In The Pool

Mike’s mum and dad also took us to Killbear Park, which is a really special place for us.  It was amazing to be back there.  It was just as beautiful as I remembered it.  We spent the day hiking around, hanging out on the beach, and had a delicious picnic by the water.

Mike At The Shore

Hiking At Killbear

Killbear Park

Day Hiking In The Boot


Picnic At The Beach

Beach Day

Trail At Killbear Park

We spent a whole day at the Toronto Zoo with all of Mike’s siblings (and their significant others) and we rented a wheelchair for Mike, who was still recovering from his ankle injury.  Everyone took turns pushing him around, which was really nice. His younger brother, Ben, even pushed him all the way up this enormous hill! Which was crazy, and awesome.  Also, we got to see the pandas!

2. Visit the Toronto Zoo

Mike In His Wheelchair, At The Zoo

Mike’s twin brother, Dan, took us to a shooting range one afternoon and let us put lots and lots of bullets through his guns.  That was definitely a great time.  At that point, I hadn’t been shooting in ages, so I really enjoyed it.  The weather was beautiful, and the range wasn’t super busy.

Mike And Dan Target Shooting

Cal At The Gun Range

Mike And A 30-06

Dan And Mike At The Gun Range

We went off-roading with Mike’s dad, in his Jeep.  Michelle had us over at her place for a couple of days as well, and we had a BBQ with the whole family (minus Nanny and Pa, who were in BC) and celebrated all of the August birthdays.  It was so great to see everyone out there.  We miss them terribly. We hadn’t seen Ben or Granny since our trip to Alaska, which is just far too long. It was brilliant to finally get everyone together again, after so much time.


Michelle’s cat supervised Mike’s morning tooth brushing.

Kitty Supervises Teeth Brushing

There was also a sunset dinner at the CN Tower, which is one of my favorite memories of the trip.  We walked on the glass floor, and wandered around the observation deck until it was time to eat.  We had a great meal with Mike’s parents, and got a 360 degree look at the city after dark.

Mike At The CN Tower

Toronto At Sunset

102. Go up to the observation deck of the CN Tower


The Main Course

At 360 Restaurant


We got in a visit with our very good friends, Jaze and Wendy, and had a chance to see their place and meet their horse, River, and their cute little girl, Hope. We had a really great time catching up, and touring the lovely acreage that they live on.

The whole thing ended way too quickly, however, and we had to say goodbye and come home far sooner than we wanted too. A week really isn’t enough.

Back In Calgary

We are hoping it won’t be such a long time before we get to go back for another visit.  Maybe next time we will have a chance to stay a bit longer!

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