Backpacking Flores Island: Camping At Kutcous Point

After spending four nights and three amazing days at Cow Bay, Mike and I decided to cut the hike out into two pieces, and go back as far as the low-tide shortcut on Thursday afternoon.  We would cross the shortcut at low tide and camp on the other side of it, so we could do some more fishing and make our Friday departure less stressful.

We packed all of our gear back into our packs and off we went.  It took less than two hours for us to reach Kutcous Point, and the camping area there.  We decided to utilize the platforms in the rainforest, in the hopes of decreasing the amount of sand in our gear before leaving the following day.

Camping In The Rainforest

Miles Of Sand

Mike On The Beach

The Beach At Kutcous Point

The beach at Kutcous Point is almost a beautiful as Cow Bay. We set up and then gathered wood and waited for the tide to come in so that we could go fishing.

Wolf Print In The Sand

Incoming Tide

Washing Dishes

Michael Fishing

Little Cove

Kutcous Point

Cal On The Beach

Sole Fish

High Tide

Mike only caught one little fish. It had these sharp spines on eiither side of it’s head that it puffed out when it was angry. It was actually really neat. We DID catch a lot of crabs, with the fishing rod no less. If you put bait on the hook, the crabs will grab hold and you can reel them in. It was awesome fun flipping them up onto the shore. We didn’t find any really big ones, but we had a lot of fun with it.

Mike And His Angry Fish

The Rocks

Big Mouth Fish

Googly Eyes

Catch Of The Day

After a great evening of fishing, we had some supper by the fire and made a vlog post, which I will put up tomorrow. We discussed how we felt about the week, how sad we were to leave, and how we would like to come back and maybe bring kayaks next time. We drank hot chocolate and Bailey’s and enjoyed the warm fire as the sun went down.

Our Tent On The Platform

The following morning we shook the sand out of everything as best we could, and prepared to leave. As we were walking towards the trail, we noticed a lot of wolf tracks in the wet sand. They couldn’t have been very old, as they were below the hide tide line, and the tide was just going out. That was the closest we got to seeing any wolves. I kind of wish we had been able to get a photo of a wild wolf, but I supposed in some respects, it’s probably better that we didn’t see any, LOL.

Wolf Tracks

We hiked out in less than two hours and got back to town just in time to catch a water taxi back to Tofino. The locals were again exceedingly friendly and helpful, which was awesome.

When we got back to the dock, we hoofed it back to our Nitro and were relieved to not have a parking ticket (and parking there didn’t cost us anything). It seemed so strange to be back to “civilization” after so many days in the wilds. We threw our packs into the truck, and debated about hanging out in Tofino for a bit longer, maybe doing some crabbing at the dock, but in the end I said “Let’s just get out of here” and Mike agreed, so off we went.

There was a Tim Horton’s in Port Alberni, and it was nice to have a cup of coffee that didn’t require me to boil water first.

We made it to the Departure Bay ferry terminal and had a bit of a wait, since we couldn’t get on the very next ferry but had to wait for the second one. It was fine, we listened to the radio and talked a lot about the highlights of our trip. It was so strange that we had woken up that morning beside the beach and now we were sitting in traffic.

Ferry Post

After we got parked on the boat, we found some comfortable seats and just sort of vegged out in a semi-comatose state.

Mike Sleeping

We departed the ferry at Horseshoe Bay and then found our way to my sister’s place. It was so great to see her. Even though she was feeling ill, she took us to Zawa and we had beer and nachos on the patio. It was a great visit.

After Zawa, we took a short stroll, and then a long visit at her apartment before calling it a night. It was weird to fall asleep to the sounds of the city, and not the waves.

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Mike & Cal have been backpacking around Alberta for the past decade. This site is where they share trip reports, photos, and tips and tricks for getting outside.


  1. You take beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go out camping myself… missing being able to do that. At least I have my Fort-George camp though 😀

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