Backpacking Flores Island, British Columbia

I’ve just purchased our fishing passes, which I suppose makes it official: Mike and I are embarking on 18 hoours of travel, which will include 1,200 odd kilometers of driving (around 750 miles) a ferry ride, and a jaunt on a water taxi.  Our destination is Flores Island, which is a remote Provincial Park, just off the coast of Tofino, BC.

While we are there, for five or so amazing days, we plan to camp on the beach, fish for salmon, go crabbing, see some whales, try not to get eaten by wolves (there are warnings this year) and whatever other incredible adventures we can drum up.  It promises to be fantastic.

The trip, our vacation for this summer really, is to celebrate my upcoming birthday, which marks three decades of my existence.  That’s right, the big 3-0.  It probably isn’t that big for some of you, but it’s been something of a struggle for me, due to loads of silly issues I get hung up on.  They are not the point, however!  The point is that I have a great excuse to go somewhere, and so I am going to use it!

We weren’t sure we could swing it, due to my being out of work for part of the late spring, so I haven’t mentioned it until now, when the backpacks lay on the living-room floor, being filled with things, and the aforementioned fishing passes have been purchased.  A friend of ours is coming to stay at our place and watch the animals, including Smidgin.  While she is our #1 backpacking companion, the place we are going isn’t safe for dogs right now (wolf warnings and all) and so she will stay home for this one.  I’ve promised to make it up to her, maybe with an outing to Yoho later this season.

I’m so excited that this trip is happening!  I can’t wait to share all kinds of photos and stories and hopefully some video!  I am going to try to Twitter, and blog remotely, along the way, but if that doesn’t work out, I promise I will have lots to post when we get back!

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