Recipe: Cake In An Orange

After being inspired by a video on Backpacker, we decided to try our hand at making cake in an orange.  While it may not be the most practical for backpacking (although you can totally do it!) we thought it would be perfect for car camping with the kids.  It could also be a fun way to celebrate a birthday on the trail!

Cake In An Orange

At Home:

1. Empty a boxed cake mix into a ziplock freezer bag.  Try to select a mix that requires the least amount of additional ingredients.  Typically mixes need water (easy enough) and oil, and eggs.
2. Pack required additional cake ingredients (we took fresh eggs, but you could probably use powdered eggs).
3. Pack at least 4-6 oranges, a knife sharpener and a knife, and enough foil to thoroughly wrap each fruit.

At Camp:

* You will need a good coal base and a fire to make this recipe. Once your fire has burned down enough, segregate some coals for baking the oranges in.

1. Add water, oil, and eggs to powdered mix in the freezer bag and mush until thoroughly combined.
2. Cut just the top off of the oranges, and scoop out the insides, being careful not to puncture the orange skin from the inside.
3. Cut the corner off the freezer bag, and squeeze batter into empty oranges. Keep in mind that batter will expand as it bakes, so don’t fill more than 3/4
4. Put the orange top back on, and wrap tightly the whole thing tightly in foil, taking care to keep the orange top upright (or the batter will leak).
5. Tuck each orange into the coals, and cover as much of the oranges as you can with additional coals and wood. Leave to bake for 15 minutes.
6. Once you extract the oranges from the fire (we accomplished this with a stick and our metal cathole trowel) allow them to sit and cool for at least 5 minutes. Then, unwrap carefully and enjoy!

Cake In An Orange

Ready To Bake

Finished Cake


Even if the outside of the orange is burned, the cake should be fine. You could also do this with fewer grapefruits, so long as you allow them to bake for closer to 20 minutes.

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