Random Camping At Running Rain Lake – Day Three

Sunday was another gorgeous day, starting with sunshine and blue sky first thing in the morning. We all got up and made coffee and oatmeal again for breakfast. We pulled the tents apart to dry them from the rain that fell overnight. Then there was time for taking more photos and getting our gear rounded up.

Around The Fire

Running Rain Lake

Indian Paint Brush

Dan And Mike

Kerri And Cal

Dan And Kerri

Mike And Cal

The Four Of Us

We had lunch and finished packing up before hitting the trail in the early afternoon. The days of sunshine had dried up the trail some, which made it a bit of an easier hike out. We even managed to avoid getting our feet wet until the second-last stream crossing, where it’s basically unavoidable. Although by that time I was so hot I happily leaped into the water and splashed about to cool off. We were almost back to the truck (and dry shoes) so it was worth squishy shoes to play in the water.

Crystal Blue

Smidgin On The Trail

North End Of The Lake

The Lake On Our Way Out

Until Next Time

Distant Hill

Steep Drop

We Made It Back!

After loading the truck, we departed the mountains and went for ice cream at MacKay’s on the way home. It was a great weekend overall. Dan and Kerri had such a good time that we are going out on another trip this coming weekend!

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