How To Make Your Own Survival Bracelet Redux

Quite some time ago I posted a link to instructions on how to make your own survival bracelet.

I also ordered some 550 lb paracord and fasteners so that I too could make my own survival bracelets.  I did a little poking around and came across Stormdrane’s Blog, which is an AMAZING wealth of knowledge concerning knots, weaving paracord into awesome and useful objects, and other such information.  I encourage you to go over there, and spend as much time as I did thinking “I want to make one of those, and one of those, and one of these too”.

First I made a bracelet for Michael, out of the brown cord, and it turned out nicely.  It contains around 16 feet of cord:

Mike's Survival Bracelet

Next, I made an ankle bracelet for myself out of the black cord.  I used the original pattern from Backpacker Magazine, and just doubled it up.  It contains about 18 feet of cord:

Cal's Survival Ankle Bracelet

Survival Bracelet


All in all, this was a very easy project and the bracelets turned out both attractive and practical.  Michael never takes his off, and has been asked where he got it.  I think I might have to start taking orders, heh.

I’d also like to make a couple of lanyards that fasten to our backpacks, so that we always have plenty of cord on hand should we ever need it during outings. Maybe something like this.

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