Dehydrated Pears, Apples, Kiwi, Peppers, And Jerky!

The fruit and veggies turned out brilliantly:

Dried Pears, Apples, And Kiwi

They were so delicious, I barely had time to take this photos before they were gone! The kiwi was especially interesting, slightly sour but definitely yummy.

Since then I have dehydrated celery, mango, peppers, and even some beef jerky!

Green And Red Peppers

Dried Peppers

Fresh Celery

Dried Celery

I used this recipe for the beef jerky. After slicing up a roast, I marinated it for three hours, and then threw it into the dehydrator for five hours at 155°C

Sliced Beef

Jerky Going In The Dehydrator

Finished Jerky

I think I need to experiment with some other recipes, but it turned out quite tasty, and the consistency was just right. Overall, a great success, and I was very pleased.

Right now, I’ve got two trays of basmati rice, two trays of cooked ground beef, and a tray of chicken feet. Yes, chicken feet. Those are for the dogs, who usually eat them fresh or frozen, but I had a friend back in Ontario who dehydrated them, so I am giving it a try.

Rice, Chicken Feet, Ground Beef

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