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Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Our Business Venture

I have so SO many things I need to get posted here.  Adventures from the summer and loads of beautiful photos, and all of that is coming, I promise.  Before that, however, I wanted to post a little update about my job situation and new venture into being self-employed. Due to the current economic situation

Link: Tell A Great Ghost Story

Who doesn’t love a scary story around the campfire? Well, truth be told, I don’t. However, in the spirit of the season, check out this article on how to tell a great story and scare the snot out of your fellow campers. Tell A Great Ghost Story: How To Scare People And Win Friends Happy

Link: Ultimate Hiking Workouts

Workouts designed to keep you trail-ready at every age: Backpacker Magazine – Hike Forever: Ultimate Hiking Workouts