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Mike Harvests His First Deer: What To Do With All This Meat?

After our deer was gutted, skinned, and allowed to relax overnight in a bath of salted ice water, it was time to do something with it.  I drained the water and we set the fan up so that the deer would stay plenty cool, as it was going to take some time to get the

Mike Harvests His First Deer: Whitetail Hunting In The Alberta Foothills

** NOTE ** This post contains graphic photos of a deer being gutted, skinned, and processed. It all started with a Remington .308 and some yellow tags. In the spring, Mike and I obtained our firearms permits, via Nelson Firearms Training here in Calgary (we HIGHLY recommend them, they were awesome) with the intention of taking

Pickling Turnips And Carrots From The Garden

After all the success we enjoyed with our first, small foray into the world of gardening and the concept of urban homesteading, we had to do things with all of that awesome produce we harvested! The first, most obvious choice was to eat it immediately, both cooked and raw, but we also wanted to preserve

A Weekend In Radium Hot Springs With My Grandma

My Grandmother was fond of taking us on trips when we were young. We (meaning my siblings, cousins, and myself) spent a great deal of our childhoods at my grandparents farm, near Sundre, Alberta. There we would while away the hours riding around on trikes or horses, picking eggs, tormenting the chickens, attempting to befriend

Bringing In The Garden Harvest

I spent a great deal of time late last week harvesting, washing, and finding homes for the considerable volume of vegetables we grew over the summer. Late in the winter Wendy and I began scheming, and while I didn’t get around to planting ALL of the things I wanted to, or even half of them,

The Summer That We Didn’t Go Backpacking

It all began on June 6th, when I wandered over to my house on my lunch break, as per usual, only to find that Mike had pillaged the leftovers for his own lunch. “You didn’t leave me any potatoes!” I texted him, while rooting about for alternative options. “I’m in an ambulance!” came the reply.

The Struggle To Return To Blogging, After Being Gone A Long Time

Website woes, let me show them to you. First, if you don’t have an internet connection at home, it’s a huge pain to try and update anything.  We only recently (as in within the last few weeks) got our OWN internet out here in the country.  We decided to try Xplornet.  So far, so good.

When The City Mice Moved To The Country

Well, we have moved, sort of, which is why I haven’t posted anything lately, due to the lack of time, and frankly, the lack of internets out here.  Neither of those things are really going to resolve themselves anytime soon, but at least I can borrow a bit of signal from my bosses house, so

Sponsored Post: Head for the Oceans – Ultimate Seaside Sojourns

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your annual summer holiday with your friends or loved ones. Take a look at some of the best seaside sojourns available, which can accommodate you, whatever you hope to achieve from your 2013 holiday. Beach Holidays Beach holidays are, quite simply, what

Our New Two-Horse Herd!

Early last week Mike and I were very excited to finally have two horses delivered to the farm, courtesy of my wonderful Grandfather, along with my Mum and Dad. This pair will be living in our care for the foreseeable future. The bay (reddish brown) and white one is called Little Lucky, and the darker

Winter Camping At Dinosaur Provincial Park

Last weekend, having taken leave of our senses, Mike and I decided to take a preliminary expedition into winter camping. Not so long ago we picked up a reasonably priced 4-season tent from MEC (more on that in an upcoming review) and the forecast was mild, which seemed like the best time to give it

Follow Along Friday: Sprouting Sweet Potatoes

My good friend, Wendy, from The Crafty Cultivator, has been doing a series on the progress her sweet potato sprouts are making (among other seeds).  I thought I would follow suit and post a bit of an update on mine. As you can see, the sprouts are quite long, and have quite a number of

Mike Turns 30, Skiing Lake Louise, And Eating At Banff’s Grizzly House

On February 13th Mike’s Mum and Dad flew in to spend a few days with us!  We’ve been looking forward to their visit for several weeks now, and we had plans to do some skiing, wander around in Banff, and celebrate Mike’s 30th birthday at The Grizzly House! Mike and I had to work on

Sponsored Post: Glorious Greek Getaways

If there’s one sizzling summer destination that never fails to wow its visitors, Greece is it. Home to magical myths and soul-stirring ruins from ancient civilizations  not to mention breathtaking views and gorgeous coastlines, Greece really is something special. And with so many Greek islands to choose from you’ll never be short of ideas. There’s lovely

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Urban Homesteading

Moving to the country has presented us with a unique opportunity to live off the land in ways we’ve never experienced before.  Plans are in the works for chickens, and growing vegetables, and canning, and all sorts of wonderful things that we couldn’t really do in town.  I mean yes, you certainly are able to

Here Are Some Pictures Of Cats

I don’t really have the time or the drive to write anything really fantastic, so here are some photos of the barn cats that live it my work. This is Matiné. She’s named after the famous dressage horse, Blue Hors Matiné. This is not a very good photo of Nikki, but she’s a bit elusive

Sponsored Post: Luxury Cruises At A Snip

When it comes to finding a luxury cruise, the world really is your oyster. Will you opt for a lavish jaunt around the beautiful Norwegian Fjords, taking in the stunning sights of the Northern Lights? Or perhaps the chance to book Caribbean cruises tickles your fancy, where you can enjoy the desert island style splendor of the

Dashing Through The Snow

One of the favorite traditions in our family is winter sleigh rides! My grandfather has a handful of horses left, and a couple of sleighs that he built himself. There’s nothing like the jingle of sleigh bells in the crisp air of a sunny winter day! I hadn’t driven in quite a number of years,

Ice Fishing On Buck Lake

Over the past month or so we’ve made a couple of trips out to Buck Lake to visit my parents and do a little ice fishing! Mike had never been ice fishing before this winter, and it’s been a LOOOOOONG time for me (which is kind of sad, considering my mum and dad live right

Calgary’s Aerospace Museum

With the cold weather sometimes making outdoor activities less enjoyable, we decided to take the kids to one of Calgary’s lesser known attractions: The Aerospace Museum.  It was more interesting and educational than expected, and the younglings greatly enjoyed themselves.

For The Love Of Horses

Yesterday I started a new job. That in itself if not terribly exciting, since I’ve been sort of hopping from one job to the next for over a year now, in the hopes of finding a place I really wanted to settle into. However, I think I’ve found THE ONE! Yes, it’s probably too early

The Primal Life: Paleo Eating And The Great Outdoors

Over the weekend, Mike and I went LARPing. While initially it was a bit intimidating to attempt to stick with the primal eating over a weekend that typically involves little to no time for cooking, as with most things, a little planning goes a long way. My food stash for the weekend included thin-sliced chicken

How To: Packing Away Your Gear In The Off-Season

Backpacking season is coming to an end. While Mike and I do a bit of camping over winter for L.A.R.P (we sleep in cabins) most of our gear gets packed away for the winter season. Here are sone tips and bits of advice on making sure that your gear is stored appropriately, keeping it in

The Primal Life: Why I’ve Decided To Embrace My Inner Meatasaurus

It’s no secret, I am a carnivore. In fact, if I go without meat for a day, I get cranky and I start raiding the fridge for protein, not to mention regarding my pets as a cougar might regard a delicious rabbit (kidding, mostly). This commercial pretty much sums up my feelings about meat: It