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Tales From The Coop: The “Rescue” Chickens

My grandmother kept chickens as far back as I can remember. She’s the source of 90% of my chicken knowledge and 100% of my love for them. There are a number of “chicken stories” that I recall from my childhood, and I thought it would be fun to put a few of them down in

My Blog Has Abandonment Issues

Now that we are over half-way through 2017, I guess it’s time for the first of my bi-annual blog posts.  Heh. So far, the year has been, well, something. It got off to a rather rough start.  I don’t want to go into details, because it was shitty, and now it’s in the past. Then,

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Our Business Venture

I have so SO many things I need to get posted here.  Adventures from the summer and loads of beautiful photos, and all of that is coming, I promise.  Before that, however, I wanted to post a little update about my job situation and new venture into being self-employed. Due to the current economic situation

Becoming Vegan: Random Things You Should Know

  Having been mostly vegan for a few months now, there are a number of things that we have discovered that we hadn’t really expected. 1. You will poop. A lot. Like, way WAY more than you did before becoming vegan. Sometimes you will be very fearful that you’re about to plug the toilet. I

“Coming Out” As Vegan-Lite

Friends and family, Mike and I have been harbouring a secret from some of you. Ok it’s not really a secret, just a topic that is uncomfortable to talk about due to the visceral and sometimes aggressive reactions some people have to this sort of thing. We are currently transitioning to a vegetarian or “vegan-lite”

When I Grow Up

Yesterday I turned another year older, and this website celebrated it’s 5th anniversary. The (in)frequency of posting here is not a direct reflection of my desire to write, nor does it imply lack of potential content or things to say. Rather it is a reflection of how I typically do not make enough time to

Achievement Unlocked: Get Engaged

On April 11th Michael and I revisited the Ink Pots, and in true hiker fashion, this was the place he chose to get down on one knee and propose! We hadn’t been back since our first ever backpacking trip, so it was a lovely surprise, even if the day was a bit cold. After I

Under Construction

I haven’t abandon my blog again, but I HAVE recently begun a new job, which hasn’t left me with much time to do interesting things, or write. Mike started back to school at SAIT at the beginning of March, and I got a position at Modus Structures (Modus specializes in the design and build of

In Which I Remember That I Have This Website

I know, I have been slacking in the updates department. Primarily most of my time has been eaten up by a couple of major projects that I am working on (in partnership with my fantastic comrades) and while I can’t talk about what they are, yet, they are very exciting and time consuming right now.

Things We Said Today

The Struggle To Return To Blogging, After Being Gone A Long Time

Website woes, let me show them to you. First, if you don’t have an internet connection at home, it’s a huge pain to try and update anything.  We only recently (as in within the last few weeks) got our OWN internet out here in the country.  We decided to try Xplornet.  So far, so good.

Sponsored Post: Head for the Oceans – Ultimate Seaside Sojourns

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your annual summer holiday with your friends or loved ones. Take a look at some of the best seaside sojourns available, which can accommodate you, whatever you hope to achieve from your 2013 holiday. Beach Holidays Beach holidays are, quite simply, what

Follow Along Friday: Sprouting Sweet Potatoes

My good friend, Wendy, from The Crafty Cultivator, has been doing a series on the progress her sweet potato sprouts are making (among other seeds).  I thought I would follow suit and post a bit of an update on mine. As you can see, the sprouts are quite long, and have quite a number of

Sponsored Post: Glorious Greek Getaways

If there’s one sizzling summer destination that never fails to wow its visitors, Greece is it. Home to magical myths and soul-stirring ruins from ancient civilizations  not to mention breathtaking views and gorgeous coastlines, Greece really is something special. And with so many Greek islands to choose from you’ll never be short of ideas. There’s lovely

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Here Are Some Pictures Of Cats

I don’t really have the time or the drive to write anything really fantastic, so here are some photos of the barn cats that live it my work. This is Matiné. She’s named after the famous dressage horse, Blue Hors Matiné. This is not a very good photo of Nikki, but she’s a bit elusive

Sponsored Post: Luxury Cruises At A Snip

When it comes to finding a luxury cruise, the world really is your oyster. Will you opt for a lavish jaunt around the beautiful Norwegian Fjords, taking in the stunning sights of the Northern Lights? Or perhaps the chance to book Caribbean cruises tickles your fancy, where you can enjoy the desert island style splendor of the

On Turning 30 And Blog Anniversaries

That photo is me, at 25, when I still had dreadlocks. The long weekend saw the passing of two important events, wrapped up into one great day  Firstly, I turned the ripe old age of 30.  Secondly, the blog celebrated it’s second anniversary. I started this website on something of a whim, on my 28th

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Welcome To 2012!

It’s been quite a year. In some ways, it was a very long year, even though it seems that time passes more quickly every day. I can’t say that I am sorry to see 2011 behind us. Yes, there are a lot of wonderful memories, and we had some amazing experiences, including crossing quite a

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Photo Of The Day – Dandelion Fluff

Photo Of The Day – Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Alaska: Land Of The Midnight Sun

I know it’s been quiet around here (pesky obligations such as work and sleep have prevented much writing). We have a few more adventures under our belts, which will eventually get posted, but in a few short hours the four of us will be on our way towards Seattle, where we are catching a cruise