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How To: Packing Away Your Gear In The Off-Season

Backpacking season is coming to an end. While Mike and I do a bit of camping over winter for L.A.R.P (we sleep in cabins) most of our gear gets packed away for the winter season. Here are sone tips and bits of advice on making sure that your gear is stored appropriately, keeping it in

How To: A Better Way To Carry Eggs While Backpacking

Some people are afraid to pack eggs on a camping or backpacking trip, due to lack of refrigeration.  Truth be told, people have been keeping eggs since LONG before refrigeration was invented, and you can too.  First of all, eggs can keep at room temperature for long periods of time.  In European countries, most people

How To Make Your Own Cheese In Three Easy Steps

I recently stumbled upon a rather simple recipe on Offbeat Home for making your own cheese using nothing but whole milk, lemon juice, and a bit of cheesecloth.  Awesome! So, I rounded up the required ingredients (as it was, it worked out perfectly, as I required lemon zest, but not the juice, for Ukranian Easter

How To Make Your Own Survival Bracelet Redux

Quite some time ago I posted a link to instructions on how to make your own survival bracelet. I also ordered some 550 lb paracord and fasteners so that I too could make my own survival bracelets.  I did a little poking around and came across Stormdrane’s Blog, which is an AMAZING wealth of knowledge

How To Make Your Own Firestarters

You can purchase a variety of products designed to assist you in starting a fire (Esbit, Fatwood, EZ Fire, and so forth) while camping or backpacking.  However, being something of a Do-It-Yourself kinda girl, I like to make my own. The credit for this idea goes to the lovely crew of backpackers we met during