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Camping With The Kids: Radium Hot Springs Edition – Day One & Day Two

Yesterday afternoon we returned home after a long weekend camping excursion into British Columbia with the kiddos.  We camped near Radium Hot Springs at Lake Enid, which is about four hours drive from home. We headed out after Mike got finished work on Friday night.  The SUV was packed and we were all very excited.

Recipe: Logan Bread

Logan bread (named for Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada) is a dense, calorie-packed bread that lasts for up to a week in your backpack.  It was developed by climbers before the age of power bars and pre-packaged hiking food.  There are plenty of variations to the recipe (I myself modified ours to taste)

Video: How To Bake Cake… In An Orange!

Photo Post: Killbear Park, Ontario – Set Three

Photos from June 2010 Click to view full-size

Photo Post: Killbear Park, Ontario – Set Two

Photos from June 2010 Click to view full-size

New Gear: Evernew Titanium Cookware

This morning I decided to order the Evernew Titanium Non-Stick DX3 cooking set.  The set is made up of a titanium pot and frying pan, the pan doubling as a lid for the pot.  The non-stick coating is made from silicone and ceramic, not teflon, which is a feature I am really excited about. This