Wintertime Hibernation Hobbies

Oops! Somehow a bunch of months slipped by without any updates. I promised myself I was going to try and actually stay on top of writing, and then I did for a few months, and then I guess I got busy?

Anyway, I am still here. We haven’t had a lot of fun adventures as of late, but as always if you want more frequent glimpses into what we are doing, please follow us on Instagram (link is in the sidebar).

It’s been cold AF here lately, but we are finally coming out of it. We have mostly stayed huddled inside, unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out. I dislike the cold and I don’t care much for winter (I would love to live somewhere warmer, and maybe someday we will) but I’ve been using my not-going-outside time to learn a few new skills. Like pressure canning!

So far I have only done potatoes and homemade chicken stock, but canning is a little bit addictive, so I am hoping to do more things as Katrin allows (doing basically anything with a super mobile 13m old underfoot is HARD).

Another thing that I’ve become far more interested in during these long winter months is houseplants/indoor gardening. My BFF has been fueling my new addiction by giving me plants for Christmas and “just because”. I have quite a collection going now.

Otherwise, I’ve just been baking and making soup. We haven’t done anything fun outside in quite some time, but hopefully spring is just around the corner! Maybe wishful thinking, considering it’s only mid-February, in Alberta, but I have to keep telling myself that winter won’t last forever.

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