My Blog Has Abandonment Issues

Now that we are over half-way through 2017, I guess it’s time for the first of my bi-annual blog posts.  Heh.

So far, the year has been, well, something.

It got off to a rather rough start.  I don’t want to go into details, because it was shitty, and now it’s in the past.

Then, we took leave of our senses, and decided to plan our wedding.  Who needs a whole year to pull such a thing off?  Not us.  We decided 5 months was plenty.

Even though it was crazy and stressful and there were times I just wanted to run away and join the circus, we pulled it off.  Two of my best girls even squeezed in a little stagette for me, that included stand up paddle boarding in the rain.

We got married in the mountains, naturally.

Everything went really well.  It was a small wedding, but it was beautiful.  We spent our first night as a married couple in a tent, of course.

Pretty much immediately after the wedding (I mean, like, a week later) we started loading all our crap into a U-Haul, and we moved to an acreage just west of Brooks.

There were several reasons for making this move.  Foremost, Mike works in Brooks, and it was getting too expensive for him to be going back and forth, and paying rent in both places.  Just financially, it was stupid.  Especially since I had no job in Airdrie, so staying there didn’t make a ton of sense.

Our new place is almost 4 acres, and it’s amazing and beautiful.  Even if we are just down the road from a feedlot and occasionally the wind blows the wrong way.

Since we are kind of crazy, we got chickens almost immediately (brace yourselves, there are going to be a LOT of chicken posts coming up).

We got 21 fancy assorted chickens for laying eggs.  We have no idea how many are females, but hopefully at least half.  2 died in the first week we had them, so now we have 19, but they are doing awesome.  Because chicken math is a real thing, we also ended up ordering 30 cornish giants (meat birds) from the hatchery.  It’s kind of awkward to admit that, seeing as we were vegans just a few posts down, but that only lasted around a year.

Mike and I built a chicken tractor (one so far, and we have the materials for a second, because the meat birds will have to live separately from the fancy laying birds).  The kids have become chicken wranglers in no time.

It’s lovely living in the country again, even if Brooks is the butthole of Alberta.

So, that’s the update.  I’m not going to pretend like writing is going to become a regular thing again, but, stranger things have happened.


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