Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Our Business Venture

I have so SO many things I need to get posted here.  Adventures from the summer and loads of beautiful photos, and all of that is coming, I promise.  Before that, however, I wanted to post a little update about my job situation and new venture into being self-employed.

Due to the current economic situation in our province, and the lack of government and oilfield spending on modular buildings, the company I worked for was forced to lay off a number of people, including myself and my work wife, Wendy.

Our last day was September 23rd, and we were fortunate in that we did get a week notice beforehand.

Fortunately Wendy and I had already expected that the end was near, and decided to get our act together and actually START the business venture we had been discussing for the better part of our friendship.

So, we launched Iceberg Empire.

Basically it’s an Etsy shop, in which we sell handmade goods (made by us, obviously) and we’ve already enjoyed a little bit of success (9 sales in a month).  We also have fairly immediate plans to expand into at least one brick and mortar store (HUGE thanks to Carmen of Carmen’s Elegance In Flowers & Giftware for the opportunity) AND we are hoping to be at a Christmas Market.


Horse Head Shawl Pin

That’s all very exciting and we are really hoping this will be a success, but yes, it’s still kind of scary not having a job, since I am typically never unemployed very long.  Mike is being just super wonderful and so supportive.  I couldn’t ask for a better spouse.  He listens to all my plans and product ideas, and offers tons of great suggestions and endless encouragement.


Troll Cross Pendant

I’ve wanted to give entrepreneurship an honest try for…ages really.  So, this seems like an ideal opportunity.  Since I was laid off I will get some EI (first time for that) so we won’t have to live on just one income while I pour all my time and energy into crafting and making.  I might pick up something part time in the New Year, depending on how things go, but between getting ready for a craft show and putting stuff together for Carmen’s, we are flat out busy until Christmas.


Deer Antler Toggle Buttons

On that note, I should get back to work.  If you’re interested in supporting us in this effort, I would really encourage you to check out our Etsy shop.  If you want to buy any of the items but don’t feel comfortable shopping on Etsy, get in touch and we can work something out.  I will also be updating here with any craft shows and markets you can find us at.


Bamboo & Silk Blend Facial Scrubbies

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