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I haven’t abandon my blog again, but I HAVE recently begun a new job, which hasn’t left me with much time to do interesting things, or write.

Mike started back to school at SAIT at the beginning of March, and I got a position at Modus Structures (Modus specializes in the design and build of high-performance modular buildings. So, portables, that sort of thing). Our new schedules have taken a bit of adjusting to, so everything has been a bit out of whack.

My new job involves assembling the floors, ceilings, and walls of the buildings, but hopefully once I pass my probationary period, I will get bounced over to electrical to begin an apprenticeship (which is the entire reason I took a job there).  For now my hours are pretty long, but I start early and get home pretty early, which is nice.  Also the overtime compensation is a great plus, after I took almost a month off after leaving Station Lane.

Mike is doing very well in school, and even though it’s a bit stressful for him, I think he’s enjoying it.  It’s been fantastic having him home all the time again, after a year of him living in Brooks 4 days a week.  Sometimes I miss having a precious few hours to myself (I am still the first to leave the house and the last to return) but it’s so lovely not having to see him off every Saturday night.  We actually get to spend weekends together, which means maybe we can take up LARP again, and go camping more this summer.

We hope to take the kiddos on their first backpacking adventure this year.  They’ve done enough camping that I feel like they can handle going out into the wilderness.  They’ve expressed an interest in backpacking, and since we have enough gear to outfit a small army, I would like to take them.  In the past, we’ve reserved and coveted backpacking opportunities as our time alone together, but hopefully we’ll be able to go a few times over the coming months.

We have some new equipment to test, and there are a bunch of different trail foods I want to try, so provided schedules cooperate, the coming outdoor season should be excellent.

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