Oh Hai, It’s Me Again!

Right, this blog, I had sort of forgotten about it, and then 2014 was the year of “maybe next month will be better” and of course next month never was.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible, but it definitely had it’s moments. Mike worked away, which was wonderful and terrible all at the same time. We went backpacking a little, and camping a little. We hunted but only got one deer. My eldest child turned 12, and I do not feel prepared for the imminent teenage years. I worked, A LOT. Sold one of my horses, moved the other to my grandparents farm. Gardened some, canned a little, crafted even less. It was a year of never enough time, never enough energy.

Highlights include a week-long backpacking trip that Mike and I took, which was just the thing we needed at the time. Spring was…rough. We went to the backcountry together, and it was like we left everything that was hard and frustrating out on the trail. I read to Mike by the campfire, we hiked, and fished, and sat by the water. It was an important reminder of why we love each other. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather spend a week in the wilderness with. It was like being on a honeymoon, and when we came home, that just sort of continued on.






Mike by the campfire

Glowing tent

Taking a dip in the mountain lake









Other highlights include taking the kids camping at Lake Newell, and Mike’s sister coming out for my birthday, and going on a backpacking trip with us to Running Rain Lake.

The kids and I went mudding in the truck (somewhat by accident) and Michelle packed beer all the way up the mountain like a boss. It was actually a great summer, even if we didn’t get out to the woods as much as we would have liked.

Summer 2014 564

Summer 2014 572

Summer 2014 603

Summer 2014 627

Summer 2014 632

Summer 2014 758

Summer 2014 766

Summer 2014 767

Summer 2014 779

Summer 2014 782

Summer 2014 786

Summer 2014 789

Summer 2014 800

Summer 2014 807

Summer 2014 810

Summer 2014 826

Summer 2014 830





Fall brought with it a bunch of new challenges, and it became increasingly apparent that some things were going to need to change. I don’t feel like getting into a whole bunch of detail, but Mike and I decided that it was time to pick up our things and move again (in true nomad fashion) and so the end of 2014 saw us taking possession of a duplex in town, and my giving notice at the farm.

Change is scary but can also be wonderful. We are getting settled in now at our new place, and I am enjoying some much-needed time off before embarking on the next career path, which yet remains to be seen. I do have some direction, it’s just getting the ball rolling which presents the most difficulty. Not working for a few weeks has allowed me a lot more time with my kids, and I’ve been able to devote quite a bit of energy to unpacking, which will make things easier once I go back to the grind. Look, I’ve even had time to write some words!

2015 looks to be a great year. Mike is almost done his time at Brooks, and will be back at SAIT on March 2nd, to complete his second round of “millwright school”. Once that’s done, who knows where he will end up, but we’re both hoping it’ll be closer to home. We have some weddings to look forward to (my brother, best friend Wendy, and Mike’s brother are all tying the knot in 2015) and a family reunion, and a big anniversary for my grandparents (60 years!) among other things. We have some new gear to test out, and hopefully some new trails to try. I’m going to see if I can’t get back in the groove of this writing thing, but no promises 😉

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