The Struggle To Return To Blogging, After Being Gone A Long Time

Website woes, let me show them to you.

First, if you don’t have an internet connection at home, it’s a huge pain to try and update anything.  We only recently (as in within the last few weeks) got our OWN internet out here in the country.  We decided to try Xplornet.  So far, so good.  We have reliable service, the speed isn’t too horrible, and it allows me to do things on the computer again.

Second, if you have time to write, it’s usually because you are not doing anything, which means you have nothing to say.  Which makes it hard to have a fun and exciting website.  The reverse is that when you are doing ALL THE THINGS and having grand adventures, you have absolutely no time to write about them, and that my friends, is a Catch 22 if I ever saw one.

Third, keeping up a website is a lot like going to the gym.  At first you are all “YEAH!  GONNA GO EVERY DAY!  GONNA LIFT ALL THE WEIGHTS AND JUMP ROPES AND GO TO ALL THE ZUMBA CLASSES AND RUN A MILLION MILES A WEEK!!!!!!!” which lasts exactly 15 minutes, at which point you find yourself uncomfortably sweaty, gasping for air, and watching that 75 year old lady who is three treadmills down run at top speed on a 45% incline.  So you go a few more times, and then you find yourself making excuses for why you can’t go.  Things like “Oh, I have to pick up groceries” or “Well, the kids have swimming lessons” or “I really should get around to training my cats to do ballet”.  Pretty soon you haven’t gone in many months, and the thought of all the hard work you have to do to catch up on your goal of fitting into your prom dress again seem so absolutely overwhelming, that you curl up in a corner and start eating your hair.  Updating your blog after many months away is EXACTLY like that.  It seems totally unrealistic to think that I can post everything I have been up to, the hundreds of photos, trying to remember what things happened and when.

So the short answer is, I am not going to.  I am definitely going to post some updates (especially now, that I’ve ripped off the bandaid with the uncomfortable and ever-awkward “Soooooooo, I know I have been gone a while, but I promise I was not mauled to death by a herd of tapir” post) and some pictures, and basically do a Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of the past five months.  Think of it as a highlight reel, with only the good stuff, and none of the really pointless things.

Speaking of which, here are some of my favorite random photos, that won’t fit into posts anyway.  Enjoy!

Tiger Moth


Spider Web

Geese In Flight


Moose On The Loose

All Is Green On The Horizon

Barn Door

Bumble Bee

Rain Drops On Grass

Sunset At The Pond

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  1. Yeeesh! Good thing we don’t have Tapir here. That would be terrifying for all the ponies. I think they may trample us trying to get away from the Tapir before the tapir mauled us.

    1. Courtney,

      Most of the photos from this post were actually taken with my iPhone 4S (and edited with an app) but we also use a Canon T3i a lot of the time (the photo of the moose in the water, and the elk, were both taken with our Canon camera). Thanks for the compliment 🙂


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