When The City Mice Moved To The Country

Well, we have moved, sort of, which is why I haven’t posted anything lately, due to the lack of time, and frankly, the lack of internets out here.  Neither of those things are really going to resolve themselves anytime soon, but at least I can borrow a bit of signal from my bosses house, so long as I sit in one of the back bedrooms by the window!

I would estimate that at least half of our things have made the trip to the new house.  The other half are languishing at the old place.  Our pets have moved, and from there, the motivation really went downhill.

Speaking of pets, we got a new cat!  His name is Torc, and he’s supposed to help with the mouse issue that comes with living in the country, but so far, no mice in the house.  Secret Black Cat, which is a wild cat that lives under our new house, seems to be keeping the mice in line, at least for now.

This is Torc.


This is his favorite spot.

Torc, In His Favorite Spot

He and Tribble and the dog seem to have made friends, so everyone is settling in together.

Mike is less enthusiastic about moving. Sad little panda.

A Summary Of Moving House

Not that we aren’t thrilled about the new digs, it’s just the process. We own WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.

Other than moving, I’ve been busy making things! Like horse cookies, and saddle soap.

Horse Cookies

Green Saddle Soap

Saddle Soap!

There’s also the plants we are sprouting in preparation for gardening. Behold my sweet potato slips! We’ve also been looking at electric chainsaw reviews online to buy a chainsaw because a few of the larger trees have branches invading neighbor yards – and while noone has complained, it’s best to trim them before that.

Sweet Potato Sprouts

Not to mention work related excitement. Like cleaning up horse poop using an ice pick. Yep, that’s Canadian Paddock Cleaning 101.

Plus, we’ve been catching gophers, who have been out and about thanks to the fickle spring weather. One of these little bastards escaped. The other, became food for the hawks.

Gopher Catching

It’s not the kindest thing, but it has to be done.

I am hoping now to have more time to update, since there are so many exciting things in progress. The kids have been learning to ride! Sydnie had her first English riding lesson last night, and she was brilliant. More on that soon. Plus there is lots more to share, since it’s been so long.

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