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With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your annual summer holiday with your friends or loved ones. Take a look at some of the best seaside sojourns available, which can accommodate you, whatever you hope to achieve from your 2013 holiday.

Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are, quite simply, what you make them. They can be as relaxed, or as active, as you want them to be.

If you want to sit back on the beach and unwind with a good book, you can. If you prefer to fill your days with fun and active pastimes, the surrounding hills and pristine waters are ideal, with plenty of activities such as mountain biking, hiking and watersports available.

Head for the Adakoy beach-club in Turkey for a superb mix of fun and relaxation.

Sailing Holidays

Sailing holidays offer a unique chance to experience the open waters, while also stepping foot onto golden sands whenever you wish to do so. Skipper a hired flotilla for a week and sail around the Lycian coast of Turkey. Moor in local ports and explore the sleepy villages or find a deserted cove for a piece of paradise. Stop for a while in the turquoise waters and snorkel in among the local marine life.

Anything is possible with a sailing holiday, including plenty of RYA accredited courses if you’d like to develop a new talent.

Watersports Holidays

Get the best of both beach and sea with watersports holidays, giving you the opportunity to bask in the sunshine on the sandy beaches, before heading for the inviting azure waters for an attempt at your chosen watersport. Whether you’ve experienced wakeboarding before or you opt for some windsurfing tuition, watersports and sandy beaches go hand in hand.

With excellent wind conditions, Halkidiki is a perfect place for you to hone your skills on a windsurfing board, while the resort proves to be equally popular with wakeboarders and waterskiiers.

Take a look at the excellent value beach holidays online, today.


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