Our New Two-Horse Herd!

Early last week Mike and I were very excited to finally have two horses delivered to the farm, courtesy of my wonderful Grandfather, along with my Mum and Dad.

This pair will be living in our care for the foreseeable future. The bay (reddish brown) and white one is called Little Lucky, and the darker (bluish/grey) and white one I have decided to call The Kraken.

Our Horses

Our Horses

Our Horses

Our Horses

Both of them are going to be great horses. Lucky is already quiet and easy to ride for beginners, which will be ideal for teaching Mike, Syd, and Lincoln to ride. The Kraken is going to be primarily my horse, as he hasn’t been ridden very many times, and is pretty spooky. He’s pretty fancy though, and I have hopes that he might become a great eventing horse. Time will tell.

Mike and I managed our first order of horse ownership, de-worming them both, without much difficulty. The Kraken took his worming meds like a champ, although Lucky was less enthusiastic.  We also went to one of the nearby tack stores to acquire a mineral stone, a few grooming tools, and a bucket for holding all of our supplies until I’ve picked out a caddy that I really like.  I’ve got my eye on this thing though, which seems awesome.

Tomorrow they are getting their vaccinations done, and this week I hope to ride them both (so far I’ve only taken a brief spin on Lucky during our short spurt of nice weather).  I am sure that there are lots of updates and photos to come.  Can’t wait to get Mike and the kids riding!

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