Follow Along Friday: Sprouting Sweet Potatoes

My good friend, Wendy, from The Crafty Cultivator, has been doing a series on the progress her sweet potato sprouts are making (among other seeds).  I thought I would follow suit and post a bit of an update on mine.

As you can see, the sprouts are quite long, and have quite a number of leaves.

Sweet Potato Sprouts

Sweet Potato Sprouts

I really need to get them planted in some dirt ASAP. I have a little plastic tub that held mushrooms, and some toilet paper rolls, which I will fill with dirt to get these little slips started on rooting.

Sweet Potato Sprouts

I have also got to get on with sprouting some regular potatoes, and deciding what seeds I need to buy that can be planted soon (with the mild weather we’ve been having, and the gopher activity I have been seeing, it could be an early spring).  Wendy and I are planning on doing some mad gardening this summer!  More updates to come 😀

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