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Moving to the country has presented us with a unique opportunity to live off the land in ways we’ve never experienced before.  Plans are in the works for chickens, and growing vegetables, and canning, and all sorts of wonderful things that we couldn’t really do in town.  I mean yes, you certainly are able to do canning in town, and grow some things, but it’s been hard with the rentals we’ve had and the moving hither and yon.

Plus I have a partner-in-farming, and her name is Wendy, and she works with me at Station Lane.  You should check out her brand new blog: The Crafty Cultivator (I even helped her come up with the name).  Her and I have some big plans for this coming summer, including an attempt at growing sweet potatoes!  I’ve already started sprouting one.

Sweet Potato Slips

In addition to sweet potatoes, I also intend to grow tomatoes, potatoes, peas, lettuce, carrots, basil, strawberries, rhubarb, and raspberries (there could be more, but I am trying not to get too ahead of myself).

Then there are the chickens!  We are hoping to have a handful of laying hens, and then at least two dozen meat birds.  If all goes as planned, we may even raise two batches of meat birds, which will hopefully result in a freezer filled with farm-raised meat come fall.  There’s nothing like home-grown eggs and poultry.

Mike and I also intend to get our hunting licences and bring home some deer meat once the season rolls around.  Are my country roots starting to show much yet?

While I take to agriculture like a duck to water, it’s been pleasantly surprising to see how enthusiastic Mike is to take up horseback riding, gardening, and poultry raising.  It may not be farm living in the strictest sense, but it’s going to be a change from living in town, and I personally can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Yay!! thanks for the link!! (and the blog name)

    Keep reminding me about the rhubarb… I’ll try and get some out as soon as the snow goes away

    Ps: I bought some pickling cucumber seeds… Hopefully we get pickles out of this summer too.

  2. Sounds absolutley wonderful Cal, just remember were partners on the chickens, we have tons of rototillers kicking around for the garden, but don’t get tied down to much, remember u and Mike will still want to go back packing again

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