How Two Grown Men Outsmarted A Whole Lot Of Bats

One recent weekend, we trekked out to Buck Lake with the kids, to visit my mum and dad for the weekend.

Buck Lake 2012 010

Buck Lake 2012 016

While we were there, we did quite a bit of fishing (I caught two!) and enjoyed an afternoon on the boat.

Buck Lake 2012 020

Buck Lake 2012 023

Buck Lake 2012 026

Buck Lake 2012 037

Buck Lake 2012 038

Buck Lake 2012 040

Buck Lake 2012 045

Somehow Mike and I got roped into helping dad solve their recent bat problem.

Yes, they apparently have more than a few bats in the roof.

So Mike and I helped dad set up the scaffolding, which was a bit nerve-wracking, but it all worked out in the end. Fortunately Mike is a real sport, and not nervous about heights, and I know dad was really appreciative of the help.

Buck Lake 2012 029

Buck Lake 2012 030

Buck Lake 2012 032

Buck Lake 2012 035

They draped screen (like, patio screen-door screen) over the peak of the roof, and taped it on both ends, leaving the sides open. The theory was that the bats would crawl out of the roof, out from under the screen, but not be able to crawl back under (since the edges were pulled tight to lay against the roof, just loose enough for exit but not entry).

Apparently it worked! I’ve had reports since then that all of the bats have been exiled successfully. They’ve moved into all of the lovely bat houses mum and dad put up for them, because truly bats are awesome and great to have around, but having them in the roof was creating a problem due to the poop everywhere and the possible disease/bacteria/general gross factor.

We had a really lovely weekend! On Sunday we left mum and dad’s a bit early so that we could stop in and my Grandma and Grandpa’s to visit with them and see their new foal!

Buck Lake 2012 104

His name is Ranger, and he sure is cute.

Buck Lake 2012 101

Buck Lake 2012 113

Buck Lake 2012 118

Buck Lake 2012 120

We spent some time with the other animals too, despite their lack of overall enthusiasm, heh 🙂

Buck Lake 2012 124

Buck Lake 2012 126

Buck Lake 2012 132

After visiting for a few hours, it was time to head home.  Unfortunately we couldn’t coax Ranger into the Nitro, so I guess we’ll have to go back and see how big he’s getting another weekend really soon.

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  1. That was actualy a pretty great weekend and what great pictures Cal, Always nice to have those to sit back when time provides and remanice

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