Dehydrating Cucumber, Coleslaw Mix, Steamed Chicken, And Bread!

In an effort to prepare for a summer trip that I don’t dare write about yet, for fear we won’t be able to manage it (financial reasons primarily) I have been dehydrating like mad.  Because I dislike getting to the point where we decide we are going somewhere, and then there is no food prepared, and you can’t exactly whip up a weeks worth of backpacking meals in a few days.  So we resprt to buying meals and that just costs WAY too much money.  Plus it doesn’t taste as good.

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Recently I have loaded the dehydrator with things such as this packaged coleslaw mix (basically assorted shredded veggies) which I thought would be brilliant in soup!  And it’s already shredded, so I just emptied the bag onto a tray, and it was ready to go.  While I would not usually buy something like this, it was a donation from my aunt.  She also gave me a bag of shrimp, and a bunch of mini-cucumbers (which I dehydrated with the intention of powdering and adding to soup as well).

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I also pureed some leftover baked sweet potatoes, to make what amounts to instant ‘tatoes, after you rehydrate them.  And I thawed some of the bananas in my freezer, and processed them with poached apples, for some fruit leather.  I plan on making more of that, and mix in some veggie juice I found in the freezer, for added vitamins!

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Sydnie just helped me get some steamed chicken ready to go as well. Apparently steaming the chicken before you dehydrate makes it more easily re-hydrated later, so I wanted to test that out.

I also found out that if you want breadcrumbs in a hurry, you can just dehydrate the bread and put it through the food processor!

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