In Which We End Up With Not One, But TWO Corn Snakes

So, funny story.

In February we brought home a baby corn snake, since Sydnie has been begging for a pet snake for MONTHS, and we finally got together all of the supplies, and acquired said slithery reptile.  Excellent.

Two days after we got it home, we thought it had escaped.  I got home from work, and the wee bugger was nowhere to be found.  By the time Mike got home, I was having a fit.  We tore the cage apart, and then the house, and set out bottle traps, and felt terrible.  I was primarily upset that our brand new pet, which we had only just paid for, and shown the kids, was now loose in my house.  Fortunately the kids were at their dads place for the week, which meant they were not panicking, or worrying about waking up next to it in the middle of the night.  So it was just me panicking and worrying.

After several days without any sign of the missing reptile, we decided to replace it, and to never tell anyone that we had lost the first one. Mainly we didn’t want the kids to know, as I have several relatives who would refuse to step foot in this house until the snake (or it’s carcass) was recovered, and my kids can’t keep a secret.  So to save headaches, we decided to tell her that the first snake had not worked out, and that we’d had to get a different snake instead.  We arranged to get a larger corn snake, of similar color, so that it would be easier to keep track of, and to prevent Sydnie from being disappointed.

Perfect, fine, new snake came home, we got it set up in the former home of the original snake, and everything was just aces.


Then on a Saturday afternoon, around a week after new, bigger snake (dubbed “Noodle”) was brought home, we were all watching a movie, when I noticed a suspiciously tiny snake head poking out of the log decoration in the tank…

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the first, very tiny, sneaky snake had managed to crawl up inside of one of the tank decorations, into a crevasse that you can’t tell is there unless you really, really look hard with a flashlight.

Fantastic.  There’s a wee snake living inside a decoration within the tank now inhabited by a much larger snake.  Corn snakes are known to be cannibalistic, so it’s sort of unsurprising that wee snake (now appropriately named “Snakey McNinja”) was hiding herself really well in the company of her new tankmate.

Snakey McNinja 016

Since we couldn’t pry her out of the log without injuring her, we filled the kitchen sink with warm water, submerged the log, and out she zipped.  We set up the extra tank (Noodle had come with one as well) and the extra accessories, and Snakey McNinja got her own home.

Fortunately snakes are rather inexpensive (they only need to eat about once every 10 days) but Mike has informed me that I am not allowed to add any more animals to our growing zoo…

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