Underworld L.A.R.P – September 2011

Dear LARPing,

We’ve missed you terribly!  I know I am not finished posting about our trip to Alaska (my free time is seriously lacking lately) but I wanted to interject this little post before I forgot.

Kobold And Fetch

When Mike and I lived in Ontario, we participated in a kind of game known as Live Action Role-Playing (or LARP for short). Basically, it’s like cross between improvisational theater and Dungeons & Dragons. That is, you create a character that you will play, you dress up in appropriate costumes, and you go out to the woods with a lot of other dressed up people and act out a story.

The story is created and executed by a plot team, alhtough seeing as there is no script, they can really only attempt to herd the characters in the general direction they want the story to go, making modifications on the fly.

We were rather disappointed to find that there really were no good LARPs in Alberta after we moved, and then over the summer, we discovered that Underworld (a LARP we were familiar with in Ontario) had opened a chapter in Edmonton. After some deliberation and plenty of sewing and creating, we hit up our first event at the end of September.

Mike plays a small lizard-type creature called a Kobold. In brief, they are considered a pestilence. They have red skin and speak in high-pitched annoying voices (and yes, he did indeed talk like a squeak toy all weekend long).

My character is a goblin-type critter known as a Fetch. They call them fetch because they are afflicted with serious kleptomania and cannot resist the impulse to “fetch” other peoples things on a daily basis. They are green in color with pointy ears.

Kobold Looting

Fetch And Kobold

Our first event was an absolute ball! We had such a great time, and the players are awesome, and the plot team is second to none. There was lots of combat, and looting, and laughing and running for our lives.

Kobold Healing


I know this website has mainly been devoted to backpacking and camping, however, LARP *does* involve being outside, and we do camp while we are there, so I hope you will forgive the odd entry about events, costuming, and projects. I will do my best not to let geekery totally take over the place.


We are currently gearing up for the next event, which is tomorrow! Hopefully there will be more photos to come, and maybe even some video!!!

*Photos courtesy of the plot team and fellow players

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