On Adopting A Pit Bull

As I’ve alluded to, our little motley crew has recently been joined by a four-legged cohort: Smidgin, the pit bull.

Smidgin is two years old, and arrived from LA (indeed, I do mean Los Angeles) in June, via Prairie Pit Bull Rescue.  She was a stray (or as Mike calls her, a “California Street Dog”) and a shelter took her in.  Unfortunately due to their high kill rate, things didn’t look good for Miss Smidgin, and so she was sent North, to the cooler climate of Calgary with the hopes of finding a new home.

“I think we have the perfect dog for you” one of the organizers told us in an e-mail.  When we met with one of the volunteers to pick her up, they let her out of the truck and Mike took one look at her and said “Is that the whole dog?”

She’s rather petite for a pit bull, but she is full grown at this point.  We loaded up our wee blue dog (blue is the actual name for the color she is) and took her to meet my friend Ronnie.  Smidgin warmed up to us pretty quickly, and even managed to sweetly wriggle her way onto the couch where she fell asleep with her head on Ronnie’s lap.

Since then she’s become part of the family.  Mike and I took her on her first camping trip recently, and even after 8kms of hiking, that dog was still going strong.  Pit bulls will go and go and go!  She seemed to really enjoy camping, and did very well sleeping in a tent for the first time.  I think she is going to become the best camping buddy ever!


Cal And Smidgin

Mike And Smidin

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