Why Moving Makes Me Crazy

Mr. Michael and I are gearing up for another move, which will hopefully be our last for quite a while.

Danny and Kerri (Mike’s brother and sister-in-law respectively) are moving in with us, so we are all renting a bigger place together for the next year while the condo is being built.  After that, who really knows what will happen, but we are locked into a year lease, which makes me feel somewhat more stable.

The new place is very nice.  I will post some photos, once I get a chance.  It’s a townhouse, with quite a bit of room for all off us, and apparently two cats and a dog (we haven’t adopted anything yet, but everyone seems to be planning for plenty of pets).  I love animals, so I am thrilled.

The back yard is extremely small, but there IS a concrete pad with room for a BBQ, chairs, and a fire pit.  We debated over getting a patio table, but everyone voted and feels that we would get better use out of a fire pit.

At the moment, it would seem that we will be moving somewhere around the 19th.  We have until the end of the month to be out of our current rental, but the sooner we can start getting settled, the better.

As much as the hassle of packing and transporting boxes exhausts me, it’s a very local move (we are staying right in the same town, on the same side of town even) and it’s into a very nice place.  Also, I get to have cats again!  Hooray!

The new place is also close to the kids’ school (walking distance) which is going to be awesome for them.

Posting may be light while we orchestrate yet another migration, but as summer is upon us, I am certain that there will be plenty of photos and adventures to come!

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