Preserving The Memories

Ronnie, my best friend of well over a decade, recently commented on my Life List, and pointed out that I had failed to cross off an item that I completed in February.  It’s fortunate she helps me keep on top of these sorts of things because I am rather absent-minded at the best of times.

I’m sure you know how it is when you want to buy a gift for someone who already has everything.  It can be a lesson in extreme frustration, and so when Christmas shopping rolled around Mike and I were at something of a loss over what to get for his parents.  I mean, they don’t really need anything, which is the challenge I think many of us face when it comes to gift getting for our parents, grandparents, etc.

So I suggested to Mike that perhaps we could round up some photos of us and the kids and give them an album.  Or better yet, a scrapbook!

And so it was that around 120 photos were selected, spanning 2009 & 2010, and then sent off to be printed.  Mike helped me sort them into separate “events” and then loosely organize them in chronological order.  At that point, I basically took over and he mostly helped by keeping me company while I cropped, clipped, glued, printed, and applied stickers.

The result, in my humble opinion, was beautiful.  Forgive the blurry shot, taken with my phone, but it’s actually the only picture of have of the partially finished product.  This particular page is the beginning of a section devoted to our move across the country (we drove and camped our way across Canada).  Some of the other pages feature our backpacking trip, assorted lakes and parks, and of course the kids, being kids.

We presented it to his parents when we visited in February, and it was very well received.  It was passed around to grandparents and siblings and friends, and everyone made very nice comments about it, which was extremely flattering.

382. Make a scrapbook for someone as a gift

Now I just need to find the time to finish the “First Year” scrapbooks that I started for each of the kids (waaaay back) AND put one together for myself and Mike of our photo collection, which is vast, and growing all the time.

I will get around to it someday, I’m sure 😉

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  1. I’m bad for forgetting to cross items off my list. After I’ve worked so hard to get something done, you’d think I’d be ready to run and cross it off at the first chance!

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