Live Long, And Prosper: Our Adventure To Vulcan

This weekend we are playing host to Mike’s twin brother, Danny, and his wife, Kerri. They currently live in Edmonton, but the four of us are planning on moving in together, here in Airdrie, at the beginning of July (more on that some other day).

Yesterday, we decided to make the pilgrimage to Vulcan, Alberta, as all good Albertain Trekies must at some point. We are all fans, to varying degrees, and it was a lovely Saturday afternoon to go for a drive, so off we went.

Vulcan is a VERY small town. It’s only real claim to fame is its name, and the fact that it attracts so many Star Trek fans each year. In June they hold a convention known as Spock Days or Galaxyfest

We took the obligatory photos at the local tourist attractions.

Then we wandered over to the tourist information center, which is a veritable goldmine of Star Trek paraphernalia. We were a little disappointed by the lack of knowledge the center staff possessed (they had no idea what I was talking about when I inquired about Romulan Ale, which was a special feature of last summer’s convention) but we picked up some funny postcards before going on our way.

We made another stop at the local liquor store which held exclusive rights to said Romulan Ale, where we were informed that they had been unable to acquire any in almost a year. That was disappointing, so we settled for some Klingon Blood Wine and wandered around downtown for a few additional minutes before heading back towards Calgary and home.

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