Homemade Playdough!

I have many, many fond memories of my grandparents.  I spent a great deal of my young life at their house, generally in the company of my siblings and cousins, getting into all sorts of mischief and adventures.

When the weather kept us all indoors, my grandma would find various and assorted methods of keeping us entertained, and one of my favorites was when she would make playdough with us.  I recall each of us picking out what color we wanted to make our dough (I can only imagine how much food coloring we went through) and the feeling of the warm dough squishing in my hands.

I’ve often intended to make playdough with my kids and share a little piece of my childhood with them, but unfortunately I never got around to it, until recently!  Mike and I rounded up all of the necessary ingredients and made a batch of playdough while the kids looked on curiously.  I don’t really know who enjoyed it more, them or us.

There was some very serious sculpting going on here.

394. Make my grandma’s homemade playdough with my kids

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