1,000 Things To Do Before You Die

If anyone is actually reading this humble site, they may have noticed a new link in the upper right-hand corner of the page (right next to “About Mike & Cal”) that says Life List.  If you click it, it will take you to a list of 400 or so goals that I have written down, and continue to add to, with the intention of eventually reaching 1,000.

Some of them are already crossed off (I’ve been working on this list for upwards of three years already but hadn’t considered making it a part of the website until recently) but many have yet to be completed.  As this website grows, I intend to write bits and bobs about the already-completed items, since many of them involve pretty good stories.  I will also be certain to write about items as I complete them from this point forward, or perhaps as they are in-progress.

Thus far, I’ve found having a Life List to be a great motivator, and quite the topic of conversation.  If you share it with friends or family, some of them will often go out of their way to help you cross something off.  It also serves as a perfect jumping-off point for planning outings or adventures, so that you include one or more of your items.

While Mike doesn’t share my passion for lists (which is mysterious, but probably for the best) he has been a great sport about participating in several list items with me:

201. LARP

212. Ride a wooden roller coaster

245. Slow dance under the stars

248. Visit Canada’s Wonderland

333. Take a photo of a turtle crossing sign

361. Walk on the beach under the moonlight with someone I love

I shall have to write about some of them at one time or another.  For the moment I simply wanted to take the opportunity to explain the new link and encourage you to take a peek, and perhaps consider starting your own list.


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  1. Officially my list is supposed to be only 101 things but as it’s grown, as well as some of the individual things take a lot of work (i.e. watch the all time greatest movies or visit every country), so I’m probably getting pretty near 1,000 myself!

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