New Gear: MEC Hybrid Sleeping Bags

One of our Christmas gifts was a pair of hybrid mummy sleeping bags from Mountain Equipment Co-op (thank you Bill & Ruth!) which are rated to -12°C. They should work perfectly under normal camping conditions. If we are preparing for colder weather, there are bag liners and overbags that will increase the temperature rating.

These hybrid bags combine the best of both down fill and synthetic.  The result is an innovative bag that is lighter and more compact than a purely synthetic bag, yet less expensive and more robust in damp conditions than a purely down bag.*

We got one right-hand zipper and one left-hand zipper, so that we can zip them together.  Even though I am only 5’4 we both got the longest size available, to compensate for Mike’s height (you can’t zip together different lengths, obviously).

I’m really looking forward to trying these out in the backcountry as soon as we get the chance!  I’m having camping withdrawals just thinking about it, but hopefully I can convince Mike to do a little winter camping in February or March.

*From the MEC website

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