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Recently I came across a set of instructions on the Backpacker Magazine website detailing how to make a survival bracelet.  I had seen survival bracelets before, but had not given them much thought up until now. Now I could make them myself, which for some reason, makes them seem far more awesome!

Being inclined to find the best products available, I hunted down a source of military issue 550 lb paracord.  Not only is it very reasonably priced, but it comes in quite a variety of colors!  I ordered 50 feet of black and 50 feet of coyote brown.  You can take a look for yourself over here at Best Glide.

If you are unfamiliar with survival bracelets, the idea is that a certain number of feet of paracord is woven into a wearable bracelet (I have also seen dog collars, key fobs, that sort of thing) and if you are ever in dire need of a length of rope for a mountain rescue or just to anchor down a tarp, you have all you need on hand (or on wrist, heh).  You simply un-weave the bracelet and get to the rescuing, or less glamorous applications.

My paracord is unfortunately on backorder, but they are hoping to have it shipped in two weeks.  There is no particular hurry, as I have all winter to make these, and in the mean time, I can look for suitable clasps.  I like the ones in the photo, but I have also seen plastic buckles, which would be ok too.

I will have to post some photos of our finished bracelets, once I get them done.

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